After pregnancy, the first three months are “dangerous period”, and pregnant mothers may encounter these four situations

Every mother is extremely great, because they are willing to take their own lives just for their children to be born. Although modern medical technology is very advanced and the safety of childbirth has been greatly guaranteed, it is still a life-threatening process. Not only in childbirth, but also during pregnancy, pregnant women also have a lot of risks.

after the expectant mother is pregnant, it does not mean that they will be able to give birth to the child successfully. In fact, in the case of no external force, the problems of pregnant women themselves may also affect the birth of infants. Pregnant women with the following three situations have certain difficulties in giving birth to their children successfully.

ectopic pregnancy refers to the development of the embryo outside the uterus, that is, the child is not in the pregnant woman’s uterus. Medicine shows that ectopic pregnancy is not a normal pregnancy phenomenon, it is very dangerous for pregnant women, and it is very likely to lead to massive bleeding, and even endanger the life of pregnant women. Therefore, once found that they are ectopic pregnancy, pregnant women must immediately stop pregnancy.

according to the data, fetal malformations account for about 3% of newborns. Severe malformations may lead to fetal / neonatal death or severe disability. Of course, this does not mean that the fetus with congenital malformation does not have the right to be born. It is only fatal and serious malformation. If not induced in time, it may endanger the life of pregnant women. Some of the non fatal malformations can be intervened surgically during pregnancy.

there are two reasons for threatened abortion: one is that one of the couple has physical problems, which is inherited to the offspring, so that the pregnant woman miscarries; the other is caused by the physical factors of the mother. If the maternal has amenorrhea, lower body bleeding and abdominal pain, it is very likely to be a precursor of threatened abortion, in this case, pregnant women should seek medical treatment in time.

early pregnancy reaction, in a simple way, is the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, drowsiness and fatigue of pregnant women during the first month and a half of pregnancy. The individual differences of these reactions are quite obvious, some pregnant women are more serious, some pregnant women are no response at all.

in general, these symptoms do not need special treatment. With the passage of time, the appetite of pregnant women will naturally recover and the reaction of early pregnancy will disappear. However, if the early pregnancy reaction is more serious, pregnant women can not ignore, too patient, need to be hospitalized for conditioning, because it is very likely to affect maternal health.
may occur in early pregnancy. It’s normal. At first, the pain is like dysmenorrhea, but as the month gets older, the pain may increase. Pregnant women can consult their doctors to relieve the symptoms.

after pregnancy, pregnant women are likely to have constipation due to the weakening of intestinal function. This is also related to the improper diet of pregnant women, so mothers to be should pay attention to the diet structure during pregnancy, eat more coarse grain, high fiber food, such as small tomatoes, kiwi fruit, etc., and can also carry out appropriate exercise.

in short, it is not easy for women to get pregnant. Pregnant in October, no period of time can be relaxed. Mothers to be should pay attention to whether they have the above four situations. If they feel unwell, they need to go to the hospital in time. Fathers to be should also take care of the psychological and physical health of pregnant women, even the smallest changes can not be ignored. Focus