After pregnancy, the following behaviors will make the pregnant mother very “happy”, but don’t do too much, so as not to make Taibao unhappy

October pregnancy, a long time, for pregnant mothers, there is no more cautious days than during pregnancy. Daily food and daily life should be paid attention not to say, even the basic instincts should be restrained, all of which make pregnant mother very aggrieved.

when there is oppression, there is resistance. Many pregnant mothers rise up after the fetus is stable and want to do whatever they want while the baby is not paying attention. As a result, he was happy, but he caused the dissatisfaction of the fetus and the baby, and even punched and kicked to express his self willed protest against the pregnant mother.

no, just a few days ago, a pregnant mother submitted a manuscript, saying that she suddenly had chest tightness, shortness of breath and abnormal fetal movement. After seeing a doctor urgently, she was told that the baby was OK. It was estimated that she was mischievous in her stomach. After asking the pregnant mother about her daily life, she found out that she had stayed up late for three days in a row. It’s hard for the baby to be angry. It turns out that her biological clock has been disturbed.

so, let’s sum up for you today. What behaviors will make the baby unhappy? Pregnant mother don’t patronize their own “cool” just line, more times, be careful of fetal baby with you.

it should be emphasized here that although the fetus lives in the uterus, it can actually feel the biological clock. When the pregnant mother has a good work and rest for a long time, she suddenly starts to stay up late frequently, and her baby’s biological clock will be disturbed, which leads to protests.

in the previous article, the panic and shortness of breath of pregnant women are negative effects. Even if a pregnant mother doesn’t care about her body, she should also consider the impact on her fetus. After all, staying up late will affect the operation of the maternal detoxification system, and also cause endocrine disorders, which will affect the mother’s delivery of nutrition to the fetus, injuring yourself and injuring the fetus. Pregnant mothers must not be wayward.

after pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s mood fluctuates greatly under the influence of pregnancy hormone. She often gets up and down and releases her personal emotions at will. Little do you know that this kind of behavior just makes oneself happy, but does not have any benefit to the fetus baby.

many pregnant mothers may say that they will suffocate if they don’t vent their emotions. That’s true, and I don’t recommend that pregnant mothers be patient. But when venting, we should pay attention to control the body reaction, do not tremble when angry, cry heartbroken when sad, which is a very serious negative action for the fetus.

I once received a contribution from a friend who said that I was too emotional when I was pregnant, hurt myself when I smashed things, and I also caused strong contractions, and almost lost the fetus. I’m scared to see it. I hope you can learn from it.

in addition to emotional catharsis, many pregnant mothers don’t pay attention to them when they are sleeping. But did not think that poor sleep posture will squeeze into the fetal living space.

take me as an example. In my early years, I used to fall asleep on my stomach, but when I was in the middle of pregnancy, I changed my posture honestly because my mother-in-law told me that it would make the baby unhappy. Although the initial very uncomfortable, but to the third trimester of pregnancy to know the benefits of early sleep posture, at least do not worry about the fetus baby unhappy.

we should know that there are various reasons for fetal unhappiness, and the above three cannot be comprehensively summarized. Therefore, we should pay more attention to what kind of reaction will appear when the fetus is not happy? Only in this way can we respond in time.

take the contributing pregnant mother as an example. After she often stays up late, she realizes that there is something wrong with her baby’s abnormal fetal movement frequency. From a medical point of view, fetal movement is an important manifestation of fetal and maternal communication. The sudden increase and decrease of the number of fetal movements means that there is something wrong with the health of the fetus. The increase of fetal movement represents the discomfort of the fetus and the decrease of fetal movement means that the fetus and baby are in danger, especially the situation that the umbilical cord is too tight around the neck, which will threaten the survival of the fetus and baby in the uterus.

you should know that after the fetal movement becomes regular, the approximate position of fetal movement does not change much. In the case of normal fetal position, if the position of fetal movement changes suddenly, the pregnant mother should pay attention to it. It is likely that the fetal position in the abdomen has changed, and the fetal position may be abnormal in the later stage.

if you meet a pregnant mother, don’t worry. You’d better go to the hospital for examination immediately, so as not to affect the delivery later. If it is confirmed that the fetal position is not correct, the pregnant mother does not need to worry. As long as the doctor instructs and takes time to adjust in the later stage, the baby will soon be obedient and twisted. What’s more, now there are pregnant women yoga, the same can correct the position of the fetus, there is no need to make a fuss. Home