After pregnancy, the “two bowls of rice” can not be eaten, which will make the fetus become “injured”, which is related to the safety of the fetus

Expectant mothers after pregnancy know that more nutrients are needed to maintain fetal development. Pregnant mothers know to eat well during pregnancy, but they often ignore < / P > < p > since Xiao Liu became pregnant, her mother-in-law has taken on the task of taking care of her daughter-in-law. Every day, her diet is carefully selected and then cooked carefully, so that the daughter-in-law can eat healthily and the baby in her belly can be born healthily. < p > < p > when Xiao Liu was six months pregnant, her mother-in-law had an operation because of her old problems. After the operation, because she had to stay in bed, she had to live a “self-sufficient” life. < p > < p > because she was tired during pregnancy, and she did not know how to cook, Xiao Liu always liked to cook more, and then she ate leftovers in the next few days, and the dishes were also hot again and again. < / P > < p > I was thinking about convenience, but I didn’t expect that after eating like this for a few days, Xiao Liu was sent to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed Xiao Liu as “intrauterine infection”, and the reason was that Xiao Liu often ate leftovers. Thrift is a traditional virtue of Chinese people, especially in food, it is a shame to waste at will. So many people like to save the leftovers for the next meal to avoid waste. However, pregnant women can not eat such food. After a long time of cold storage, the food has lost a lot of nutrition, and even there are a lot of bacteria on it. < / P > < p > pregnant women who eat such meals for a long time will only let these toxic substances remain in the body. If they are not careful, they will pose a threat to their own and fetal health. < / P > < p > nowadays, takeout has become a convenient mode of life. You don’t have to work hard. After you place an order, there are special people to deliver the food. You just need to sit at home and wait for the delicious food. < / P > < p > one: it is difficult to guarantee the freshness of the takeout ingredients. Many businesses choose inferior ingredients for profit, and they add various condiments, which are not suitable for pregnant women. < / P > < p > 2: the packaging of takeout is mainly made of plastic packaging boxes. Under the high temperature of food, it is easy to decompose harmful substances. Once pregnant women take in these harmful substances, they will accumulate in pregnant women, seriously threatening the safety of mother and child. < / P > < p > Third: take out needs a certain waiting time, especially in winter, it may become cold during delivery. This kind of cold and tepid food, pregnant women are easy to have diarrhea after eating, affecting their own health. The four meals were breakfast, lunch, supper and supper. And every meal must have enough nutrition supply, such as meat products, so as to ensure the fetal nutrition demand, let the fetus better growth. < / P > < p > many pregnant women have a long history of vomiting during pregnancy, and even have no appetite at all. And eat less and more meals will ease the feeling of this kind of pregnancy vomiting, more can help pregnant mother adjust in time. During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are most worried that they will get fat and get out of shape if they eat enough nutrition. The most sad thing is that they have put on a lot of weight, but their baby’s weight is not much when they are born. < / P > < p > this is often caused by the fact that the pregnant mother eats too much each meal, and the nutrition and calories are absorbed by the mother, while the baby is not provided with nutrition most of the time. < / P > < p > the development of the fetus is dynamic at any time, especially at night, which is the most obvious. It is the “soaring period” of the fetus. Therefore, the addition of night snack can provide more nutrition for the baby and make the fetus develop faster and better. During pregnancy, the intake of nutrients is important, but the method and frequency of intake also need to be based on scientific basis, so as to maximize the absorption of nutrients. Home