After pregnancy, these three kinds of housework should not be too “diligent”, not affectation, but for the sake of baby

Pregnancy is a special period for women. In this period, women’s body will be very fragile. In order to prevent antibody from harming the baby, the immunity and metabolism of the female body will be greatly reduced.

Nowadays, many women, especially mothers, take on most of the housework in the family. But for pregnant mothers, some housework is absolutely not allowed to do.

especially after 28 weeks of pregnancy, some housework is likely to cause uterine contraction and premature delivery. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not try to be brave and learn to be lazy. They should give these chores to Bao dads.

Sisi is a very clean girl. After she became pregnant, she chose to quit her job to raise a baby at home, and the housework at home fell on her head, and Sisi had no complaints about it.

after 28 weeks of gestation, she has become very big, and it is not very convenient to move. However, she feels that she can’t be so affectionate and insist on doing housework all the time.

when Bao’s father saw that his mother was so industrious, he couldn’t help praising: “wife, you are really virtuous.” But the voice did not fall, thinking on the frown slowly squat down, Bao’s father rushed to think to the hospital.

the doctor said to his father, “how can you let your wife mop the floor? She’s already in the third trimester of pregnancy. It’s easy to cause contractions by pressing the stomach. Fortunately, there’s no problem. Otherwise, it’s too late to regret the accident.”

after listening to the doctor, Bao’s father bowed his head in shame and said to his mother, “I’ll leave all the housework at home for me, wife, and you can have a baby at ease.”

after the late pregnancy, the uterine pressure of the abdomen will increase. If the uterine pressure exceeds 60, it will cause uterine contraction. In general, the uterine pressure during childbirth is 80-90.

in addition, bending down may lead to increased abdominal pressure. When the uterine pressure reaches a certain value, uterine contraction will occur, which is likely to cause miscarriage and damage to the baby.

many pregnant mothers are at home alone after pregnancy, so they undertake to do three meals a day for their families. However, this is also a potential danger for pregnant women.

because it is necessary to get in touch with water when cooking, once mother slips because of water, the consequences are unimaginable. In addition, cooking fumes can also aggravate the early pregnancy of mothers with vomiting.

suggestion: apart from cooking, such as washing clothes, washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom, it is not allowed to do housework in contact with water. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to safety.

many girls are very independent. They can do everything from changing light bulbs to repairing toilets. However, during pregnancy, especially after 28 weeks of pregnancy, these tasks that need climbing still need not be done.

once you fall down and have an accident, I’m afraid it’s too late to regret. Therefore, “independent” treasure mothers should learn to be “Little Women” and rely on their husbands occasionally.

suggestions: for example, changing light bulbs, taking things with feet, cleaning windows, drying quilts, etc., we should try our best not to do the housework that requires climbing or stretching.

the reason why pregnant mothers do less housework after 28 weeks of pregnancy is that after 28 weeks of pregnancy, they enter the third trimester of pregnancy, which is easy to cause uterine contraction and lead to premature delivery or abortion.

doctor’s introduction: after 14 weeks of pregnancy, pseudocontractions will appear, generally lasting for more than 20 minutes, and the later, the more frequent the occurrence of false contractions.

but if you find that contractions suddenly increase, more than 5 times per hour, and last for more than 2 hours, you must seek medical advice in time, and there may be symptoms of premature delivery.

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