After pregnancy, when does the stomach become big? The growth rate of fetus is different in different periods

Many women have been expecting changes in their stomachs when they know that they are pregnant. However, after waiting for months, their stomachs are still very flat. When will the pregnant belly get bigger? < p > < p > after getting pregnant, Bingbing will eat a lot of things every day, hoping that the baby in the stomach can be supplemented with sufficient nutrition. In less than 10 months. < p > < p > but what bothers Bing Bing Bing is that although her weight keeps rising, she doesn’t get bigger. What’s going on? Is there something wrong with the baby? < / P > < p > the doctor said with a smile to Bing Bing Bing that, generally, the stomach will grow significantly after 4-5 months of pregnancy, and it is normal that you are only more than three months old. On the contrary, your weight is growing too fast. You should control it. < / P > < p > the baby’s first fierce long-term is in the second trimester of pregnancy. After entering the 16th week of pregnancy, the weight of pregnant mother will increase by 50-60g almost every week. The stomach, which was not very obvious in the past, will also swell quickly. < / P > < p > and in this period can also feel obvious fetal movement, this is because the baby’s body at this time rapid growth, treasure mothers can communicate with the baby more, do some fetal education. < p > < p > after entering the 23rd week of pregnancy, the weight of pregnant women will increase faster than before, about 100-110g per week. At this time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to their own diet, timely supplement nutrition, to meet the needs of the baby’s development. < / P > < p > after 29 weeks, the baby will usher in the fastest growth period of its own weight. The weight of pregnant mother will increase by 200-250g per week, which is also the stage of baby growing meat. < / P > < p > therefore, at this stage, pregnant mothers should ensure their intake of carbohydrate and protein, as well as some calcium, iron, vitamins and trace elements. < / P > < p > in fact, before 14 weeks of gestation, babies grow very slowly, especially before 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the baby is mainly brain development, so the pregnant belly will not grow much. < p > < p > at this time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to quality rather than quantity. You should know that this period is not a time for baby to grow meat. No matter how much pregnant mothers eat, they may also gain weight for themselves. After 36 weeks of gestation, the baby’s development will also slow down. This is because the baby has reached the maximum in the uterus before 36 weeks of gestation, so the development will be slowed down a lot, which is also a kind of protection for pregnant women. < / P > < p > nevertheless, pregnant mothers should also ensure basic nutrition, especially calcium and iron. Of course, if the pregnant belly has increased a lot at this time, they should also control their diet. < / P > < p > if the doctor says that the baby is too small, then the pregnant mother should grasp the soaring period in the third trimester of pregnancy. Even after 36 weeks of gestation, there is still a chance for the baby to rise again. < p > < p > doctors said that if the baby is only a week or two older, it is actually a normal phenomenon, because it may be that the pregnant mother remembers the menstrual time incorrectly. < p > < p > if the gestational age is too large, the pregnant mother can properly control her diet and eat more fish, vegetables and fruits. Usually also should pay more attention to exercise, as far as possible to control the fetal long speed. < / P > < p > I’m a candy mom. I’m a learning and growing treasure mother. I’m focused on pregnancy and parenting. If you want to raise a baby easily, don’t forget to pay attention to it. The candy mom team will answer questions and solve doubts about your parenting. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this