After removing her make-up, she changed her image to see her real face. Netizen: is it the same person?

Since the epidemic, the live broadcasting industry has ushered in a dividend period. Even the stars have joined the live broadcast one by one. After all, the stars must maintain a certain exposure rate, so as not to be forgotten by the audience. < / P > < p > the live broadcast is real-time, so there is no time to revise the pictures, so they are all in the real state. Although it is also after makeup, it can be seen that Viva’s big eyes are still very charming! With delicate facial features and slim and slim figure, her appearance is very outstanding. She is said to be “three catties fat on camera”. However, she seems to be as good as that outside the camera. Even after giving birth to children and irregular rest caused by work, her skin still looks delicate. When

and baby live, they can see the eye makeup part. Baby simply brushes eyelashes and eyeliner, and the eye makeup is very light, but very vivid. But Wei Ya’s eye make-up seems to be better, and her side eyelashes look more flashy, very girlish. In fact, many girls also know that exquisite eye makeup is even more important than perfect facial features.

has mixed blood lineage baby, its own eyelashes actually have advantages, but in the absence of mascara, big eyes are also dull and powerless. By contrast, after the makeup, the whole person’s temperament seems to have risen by five grades. Although the facial features of Weiya are not as delicate as those of the actresses, she looks as if she has lost her beauty, which is mainly due to her eyelashes. Take a look at weia’s plain face, the difference is clear at a glance, the skin state changes little, as long as the eyes, look godless, very old. Kunling’s eyelashes are not short and dark, and some netizens claim that Kunling is the most beautiful eyelash among female stars. However, after Kunming’s private makeup, there was no eyelash enhancement, and her eyes became empty.

no wonder when baby often shares beauty products, it emphasizes the importance of mascara. It is also true that baby and her live face are not so good, but also because they are good at eye makeup, but their eyelashes are fine and dense. Netizens also asked what Mascara she used in the live broadcast room. This is not true.

this mascara I also have a few months, the size of the brush head and eye perfectly match, brush a few times can quickly long eyelashes, no need to repeatedly brush, whether it is lengthening or thickening is very good, do not worry about sticking to the problem of eyelashes.

its flexibility lies in its soft brush head. The mascara used in the past is easy to shave the eyes and nose bridge when applying eyelashes. The masking face of this mascara is very soft, and it has better effect when it is applied to the radiant eye. < / P > < p > many girls who often make up have another worry, that is, they make up too much, and it is easy to grow fine lines and fat particles around the eyes, which makes people look older for several years.

for this reason, the mascara R & D team installed a magnetic massage roller at the other side of the mascara. Regular massage can promote blood circulation around the eye area and improve the eye pattern and dark circles.

I used it to massage for more than 1 months. After that, the fine lines around my eyes became thinner. After applying mascara, the eyes not only enlarged the spirit, but also did not look older. 08/16/2020