After scratching the scalp, a layer of “white mud” is hidden in the nail cover? Summed up three reasons, control conditioning

In fact, when we scratch the scalp, we often find that scraping the scalp with mud often leads to white dandruff. It’s not only dandruff, but also other reasons. Next, let’s take you to understand other factors.

there are many reasons for the formation of “white mud” on the scalp and daily personal head hygiene. We all know about it, and it is also the most important factor. These white mud is not only dandruff, but also other secretions. It may be the dust in the external air environment, or the peeling off cortex of the scalp and sweating, and the grease in the sweat. If the head is not cleaned for a long time, it will naturally happen It will form white mud and itch on the scalp. When you grasp it, you will see that the white mud is pulled out.

when this happens, it means it’s time to clean the head. General normal condition a week should wash hair 3-4 times, summer weather is hot, easy to sweat, can add frequent head cleaning, if not often pay attention to head hygiene. It’s not just head itching, it’s hair loss in serious cases.

but some people wash their hair every day, in fact, it is not correct. Although the head is very clean every day, it will damage the scalp and hair follicles. The shampoo we use has harmful substances, which can cause damage to the scalp. It is easy to wash your hair every day to damage the scalp protection layer. So, depending on your situation, try to do it three or four times a week, or once every day in summer.

another reason is the increase of mites on the hair, which is a kind of parasite. They usually like to live on the surface of human skin and like the humid and hot environment. Mites exist in every corner of the bedroom. We often have bedding, quilts and pillows. When we bask in quilts, we often smell a burst of Yang The smell of light. In fact, it is the smell of mite corpse that human eyes can’t see. If you don’t often change and wash pillowcases, bed sheets and quilts, it will cause the scalp mites to increase. The more mite secretions, the scalp will itch, and all the white mud will be scratched.

the last reason is closely related to the endocrine system of the human body. The accelerated pace of life has led to excessive pressure on many people. Some people like to stay up late, resulting in endocrine imbalance in the body. Or they like to eat spicy and high-fat food in their normal diet, which will cause endocrine imbalance. Hormone imbalance in the body will cause a lot of fat on the scalp, causing scalp itching Grease, mixed with hair heavy dust, forms white mud.

endocrine disorders not only cause scalp oil, but also cause other diseases of human body. Scalp oil is only one of the symptoms. Therefore, we must pay attention to the timely conditioning of endocrine disorders. We should pay attention to the normal diet, avoid frying and stimulating food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, reduce the bad habits in life, avoid staying up late, and have internal imbalance Conditioning helps.

therefore, from the above three reasons, it can be seen that itchy scalp and “white mud” in fingernails are all formed by daily small things, not only dandruff, but also other factors. I can compare my own imaginary causes and improve them in time, which can reduce scalp itching and protect their scalp health. 08/16/2020