After selling her own daughter, she went back to the “buyer” and chose to call the police

Before the baby was born, the mother and grandmother negotiated a price to sell the child, and the buyer called the police. A child abduction and trafficking case initiated by the Wuyi County Procuratorate in Zhejiang Province was recently sentenced by the local court to three years’ and two-and-a-half years’ imprisonment respectively, with probation and a fine. The defendant, Zeng Mou, bought the baby The crime of abducting and selling children is sentenced to one year’s imprisonment, with probation. According to reports, the defendant Luo and her husband are working in Wuyi and have two children. Meng, the mother of Luo, lives with them. Last year, Luo was pregnant with her third child. Because she suffered from nephrotic syndrome, unable to abortion, and poor economic conditions at home, Meng discussed with her and raised her child to others, and her husband agreed. After being arranged, Zeng and Tao, who have been unable to give birth, contacted Luo and agreed to “buy” Luo’s fetus with 140000 yuan and pay a deposit of 10000 yuan. On June 26, Luo gave birth to a baby girl. On the fifth day of the baby’s birth, Meng carried the baby to the appointed place. Zeng and Tao paid 130000 yuan in cash to take the baby away. < p > < p > the next day, the father of the child regretted and worried about “taking so much money against the law”. He proposed to take the child back, but also worried that the other party would not return it. He asked Luo and others to pick up the baby girl on the ground that “there are still several tests not done, and we will send the child to the hospital”. After that, Zeng saw that no matter how urged, he could not pick up the child. He thought that the other party had collected the money and repented. He called the police, and the people involved were immediately arrested. According to the regulations, those who buy abducted and trafficked children for the purpose of raising them, involving multiple family members, relatives and friends, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. Accordingly, the procuratorial organs prosecuted Luo, Meng and Zeng for the crime of abducting and selling children and buying them. Focus