After skin care products expire, there are these magical effects? There are lots of things that you do not know

When I went to play with my best friend the other day, she shared with me the lipstick she put down. Good guy, at a glance, there are at least 30 lipsticks. I feel that even if she wears it every day, even if she can’t finish it for 3 years !

I asked her if she bought so many lipsticks that she was not afraid of expiration! She actually told me that makeup has a shelf life of 3-5 years, it is too early to expire!

Although general cosmetics have a shelf life of 3-5 years, they are for unopened products. Once you open the package and the product starts to come into contact with air, its service life will be shortened rapidly!

And the shelf life of skin care products and cosmetics of different types and brands is different. In order to let the sisters have a correct understanding of shelf life, today I will help you sort out questions about the shelf life of skin care products and cosmetics, and expired products. How to re-use.

And foreign brands like Europe, America, Japan and South Korea like to use the production batch number to record the production date, place of origin, expiration date and other information of the product. The production batch number is usually composed of a string of letters and numbers. Generally, we can put it on the bottom of the bottle. , The bottle or the outer packaging to find it.

And we want to know the specific production date, we need to crack the meaning of the letters and numbers on the production batch number.

As a modern in-depth study of the timely interaction between humans and AI intelligence (people who talk to people are people who play mobile phones~), we can use the APP to query the “production batch number” marked on the product.

The expired lipstick, lip glaze, eye shadow palette, blush and other makeup can be melted, crushed, and then mixed with colorless nail polish, so that you can get a unique bottle of nail polish~

Expired lotions, essences, eye creams, face creams and other skin care products can be used as hand creams.

First apply the skin care products thickly on the hands and feet, then wrap them in plastic wrap and wash them off after 15 minutes.