After sweating a lot in dog days, don’t do four things again to avoid diabetes

Dog days are the most unbearable time of the year, but also the most precious “sweating season” given to human beings by nature. At this time, the body can sweat happily, which just conforms to the rising of Yang Qi on the body surface. After opening the body, it can expel the dampness, coldness and turbid Qi from the body to the body, which has the function of detoxification.

but not all sweating is a good thing. Sweating a lot can also cause harm to the body. First of all, sweating too much, the body is prone to water shortage, which will slow down the speed of blood circulation in the body, and people’s sports ability will also be reduced.

secondly, sweating too much will lead to the phenomenon of rapid heartbeat and heatstroke. It will also cause too much potassium in the body due to excessive sweating, resulting in potassium deficiency and some muscle problems. Once the body water shortage is serious, people will always want to drink water, and may lead to diabetes.

in the dog days, there is a lot of sweating. It is really necessary to replenish the body with water in time, but we have always said that it is not enough. Water supplement is also the same, appropriate and beneficial, and excessive water will damage. If you add too much water, it may lead to swelling, so water should be controlled, pay attention to the right amount.

because of the hot weather in dog days, people’s appetite is not very good. They are lazy to move and sweat all over the body. The more you sweat, the more you lose your appetite. However, if you sweat a lot, you will digest faster and consume more energy. You need to supplement energy in time. If you still want to lose weight and diet, do not eat and starve, it may increase your risk of diabetes.

contrary to dieting, some people are not afraid of the hot weather in the dog days, or eat big fish and meat fiercely. In this case, there is also a risk of diabetes.

in three volt days, in hot weather, the body will sweat a lot to regulate the temperature. If you exercise too much, you will sweat more, and your body will feel weak and weak.

always feel dry and thirsty and want to drink water, which is also easy to induce diabetes. And diabetics themselves love sweating, thirsty drink more, this is because the blood sugar value in the body is too high, resulting in more easily thirsty sweat.

1. Sweating on the head and face is mostly due to Qi deficiency. At this time, the diet should be light, not too greasy, drink more lily stem rice porridge, can play a role in moistening the lung and stopping sweating.

3. During the day, when you move a little, you will not stop sweating. This is a sign of weakness. Generally speaking, such people have a slight voice, poor appetite, and are easy to catch a cold, which is also a manifestation of qi deficiency. You can eat more beef and mutton, yam, walnuts, chestnuts and other foods, and exercise properly to strengthen your physique.

4. Night sweats. Night sweaters are usually accompanied by insomnia, upset, hot hands and feet, dry mouth, flush cheeks and other phenomena, which are generally caused by kidney yin deficiency or liver fire.

so don’t eat spicy food, don’t drink alcohol, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, often take a bath, and keep the sheets and bedding clean and tidy.

if the liver fire is strong, we suggest that you can often drink some tea to reduce liver fire, such as honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and cassia seed tea, which can help you effectively clear liver fire, expel liver poison, nourish and protect liver.

sweating in dog days is a natural physiological phenomenon, which can not be suppressed, but can not be tolerated. Sweating should pay attention to timely supplement potassium, you can eat vegetables, peaches, celery, plums and other potassium rich fruits and vegetables. But also appropriate supplement calcium and vitamins and other nutrients, in order to make up for the loss of nutrients after sweating. If there is no reason for a lot of sweating, must be vigilant, timely to see a doctor. 08/17/2020