After ten months of gestation, what did mother experience? Past summary: pain and happiness

Recently, two more friends, who are going to be mothers, joked that the second half of this year, especially in October and November, will be another new baby peak, because of the special situation this year. Expectant mothers talk, there are always endless words, from pregnancy to pregnancy, and then to 33 weeks of pregnancy. Physical changes and psychological changes, there are endless feelings to share, there are endless experiences and excitement, finally say in one voice, pregnancy is really: pain and happiness! < / P > < p > due to the change of chorionic gonadotropin, morning vomiting began to appear. Due to the changes of high estrogen and progesterone, the breast pain of expectant mothers is caused. And this period is sensitive to smell, poor appetite, on the second also eat a good meal, the next second to vomit mixed dark. < p > < p > hormonal changes during pregnancy lead to the increase and darkening of RT in expectant mothers. Frequent urination symptoms, the number of night long toilet increased significantly, disturbing sleep at night. However, estrogen in this period will lead to “pregnancy excitement”. At this time, mothers begin to prefer to buy all kinds of maternity clothes and immerse themselves in the happiness of giving birth to life. < / P > < p > due to the decrease of hCG, blood flow will be improved, and expectant mothers will feel energetic and happy. Even pregnant women are sexy pregnant women. But hormonal changes can make mom feel awkward and have some strange desires. < / P > < p > low back pain, toothache, abdominal micro ligament pain, and sometimes sitting can cause pain. In this period, I suggest my mother try abdominal belt to relieve the pain. During this period, some expectant mothers will have a poor appetite. < / P > < p > high estrogen, during this period, the skin state of expectant mothers reached the peak, hair should not fall off and dense, nails also become strong and tough. But sometimes there will be uterine pressure, gastric acid reflux. During this period, the skin itch state begins to appear. It must be suppressed. If it is itchy, you can try to apply some lotion. < / P > < p > nesting impulse reaction and back pain caused by sciatic nerve began to appear. During this period, U-shaped pillow can be used to relieve the pressure. It is common to get up and urinate frequently. < / P > < p > in this period, frequent urination in front, back pain and itching caused by skin stretching all exist. However, in this period, the baby begins to interact with her mother, and is excited and happy to hear her voice. This month, the body is painful, but the heart is sweet. < / P > < p > the abdomen gets bigger day by day. It’s hard to sleep at night. It begins to appear that the baby can’t breathe because of oxygen deficiency lying flat. The left side sleeps for a long time with backache, and the right side sleeps with baby’s tummy. Pregnant male baby mother to be may have pregnancy spots, pregnancy marks on the belly. Abdominal feeling of pressure, and gradually began to prepare for labor package, ready to launch the baby at any time, worried and looking forward to. < / P > < p > it’s two people’s business to give birth to life, but physically, women bear great pain and pressure. It’s often said that mother’s love is great. It’s true. Men who read this article, please love your wives and take care of them. They are really hard. < p > < p > yunyun is a senior nursery teacher, focusing on children’s early education, child care, baby psychological development, parent-child growth and other fields. From preparation for pregnancy to pregnancy, to the safe landing of the baby, yunyun grows up with you and your baby all the way. 08/16/2020