After the age of 40 is the “longevity period”. No matter men or women, there are four things that they have no time to do

Many people want to live a long life. With the growth of age, they are more and more yearning for longevity. However, few people normally achieve healthy longevity. 40 years old is a watershed of our health and a turning point of our body. After 40 years old, all organs of the body are gradually aging, and the body’s resistance is also declining. As a result, some diseases plague us, so people often say 40 years old After the age of 18 is the “longevity period”, this time pay attention to the health of the body, can alleviate aging, good for longevity. < / P > < p > when we enter the age of 40, the functions of various organs of the body are declining, which leads to our aging, and some daily habits will also increase the pace of our aging. Good living habits are the basic factors of longevity, so the following four things, no longer have time to insist on, are good for the body. < / P > < p > get up in the morning, stretch slowly, get up slowly, drink a cup of warm water, and start a new day. After getting up in the morning, because of a night’s rest, our blood will be slow and sticky. At this time, a cup of warm water can effectively dilute the blood, promote blood flow throughout the body and replenish qi and blood. And the first cup of water in the morning, can help intestinal garbage discharge, play the role of Runchang laxative. If long-term constipation, easy to lead to feces accumulation in the intestine, causing toxins to be absorbed again, thus increasing the risk of disease, so drinking more water can reduce the accumulation of endotoxin in our intestines, eliminate feces, and have a good effect on our skin. < / P > < p > breakfast is indispensable for healthy people, and it is also the best meal for us to absorb nutrients in a day. In order to save time in the morning, many people will not have breakfast or take a bite at the roadside, which is very difficult to increase the intake of nutrients in our body, and it will also cause harm to our intestines and stomach. In the morning, our intestines and stomach are in a state of complete fasting. If we don’t have breakfast, it is easy to cause excessive secretion of gastric acid, resulting in the damage of gastric mucosa. But eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast on an empty stomach is good for absorption, and it’s also good for the health of our digestive system. < / P > < p > there are many nerves and blood vessels on our feet, as well as many important acupoints, which are called the second heart of the human body in traditional Chinese medicine. If we want to be healthy, we should pay more attention to our feet. We can soak our feet before going to bed, so as to promote the blood circulation in the body, relieve fatigue and cold in the body, help the health of blood vessels, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Soaking feet before going to bed can also help sleep. Many middle-aged and elderly people have poor sleep quality, often have dreams, easy to wake up, insomnia and so on. You can try soaking feet before going to bed. Here we remind you to pay attention to the water temperature when soaking your feet to prevent scalding. < / P > < p > sleep is particularly important to the body, long-term late sleep, will lead to lack of Qi and blood, organ weakness, etc., when people reach the age of 40, if they often stay up late, it will accelerate the aging of our liver, kidney, spleen, stomach and other organs, thus reducing life expectancy. And staying up late for a long time has a great influence on our spirit, memory, and skin. People who often stay up late have dark yellow, rough and lusterless skin, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, black spots, etc. at the same time, there will be mental depression, limb fatigue, and memory decline. Therefore, we must stay up late less, go to bed early, reduce fatigue, promote organ repair, and delay the recovery be senile. 08/16/2020