After the age of 40, the aging speed is accelerated. Drinking this everyday can remove freckles, nourish the face and resist aging

Everyone has a love for beauty, especially for women. For women, I’m afraid time goes by and looks are the most worrying thing for them. However, biological attributes make women’s aging period come earlier. About 40 years old, women enter the “perimenopausal period”. At this time, the levels of various hormones in the body change with the aging of the body’s reproductive organs, resulting in loose skin, wrinkles, body shape, hair loss and white hair, which greatly reduces the image. However, we don’t need to pay too much attention to it. After all, aging is a natural biological phenomenon, and no one can control it. Moreover, as long as timely maintenance, life more attention, the aging speed can be greatly slowed down. < p > < p > Life metabolism needs drinking water. When the body is short of water, skin moisture will also be lost, which will lead to skin collagen damage, skin dryness, wrinkling and even desquamation, accelerate aging, and even lead to pigmentation and formation of spots. In general, women should drink 1500 ml daily, about 7-8 cups. Sufficient water can ensure skin moisture, and the abundant keratinocytes can reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet and radiation, and delay the aging process. In addition, drinking more water every day can help us improve our metabolism, which is helpful to lose weight and keep fit. Soy milk has a smooth and sweet taste. All soy foods contain certain protein components, calcium, vitamins and other substances. It also contains a kind of phytoestrogen “daidzein”, which is not found in milk. It can regulate the function of female endocrine system. In addition, soybean milk also contains a lot of vitamin E, which can balance the skin oil secretion and help antioxidant. Drinking soybean milk every day can significantly improve women’s mentality and physical fitness, delay skin aging, and make skin white and bright. < / P > < p > as we all know, collagen and elastin are important substances to maintain skin elasticity, just like springs supporting skin. With the growth of age and various external stimuli, collagen gradually lost more than the amount of synthesis, resulting in skin relaxation, wrinkles and other problems. But the collagen in ordinary food can not be well absorbed by the human body. If you want to supplement collagen more quickly and directly, you can use se rich liquid peptide, skipjack elastin peptide and collagen peptide are easy to absorb, and are rich in vitamin C, which can play an antioxidant role, help fight against free radicals, and reduce skin darkening and spots. 08/16/2020