After the age of 45, there are often five “life barriers”! Eat less 3 things, drink 2 water more, raise life!

From a medical point of view, we live from 45 to 59 years old, which is the age of poor physical function. This period is more prone to various diseases. After this age, our metabolism begins to slow down, and the number of brain cells gradually decreases, and it can no longer be recovered.

from the perspective of clinical experience, we have summed up the four problems that need to be paid attention to in the middle-aged health trough: if you find that you have won the prize, you must seek medical examination in time to avoid affecting our life span because of these diseases.

the lung is the first organ to “decline” in our body. From the age of 20, the lung capacity gradually decreases. If you don’t pay attention to exercise, by the age of 40, someone will pant after climbing several stairs. In fact, these phenomena are the manifestations of lung aging.

the lung is the earliest organ in the human body to go downhill. Lung capacity from 20 years old slowly decline, if do not pay attention to exercise, to 40 years old, some people climb a few stairs will be panting, these are the performance of lung aging.

when people are middle-aged, their musculoskeletal muscles begin to decline. At this time, our muscles begin to atrophy, their elasticity decreases, and their natural contractile force weakens. Bone decalcification occurs and bone mineral density begins to decrease gradually.

feces remain in the body for a long time, so that the toxins in the body can not be discharged in time. The bad bacteria in the intestine are rampant, suppressing the good bacteria, represented by bifidobacteria, which makes the intestinal flora imbalance.

some symptoms will appear obviously: for example, abdominal distension, heavy breath, persistent melasma, which can cause many diseases, and the most serious one, colon cancer.

when we are middle-aged, our sleep quality will also obviously decline. We often have problems such as difficulty in falling asleep, dreaminess, shallow sleep quality and so on, which will lead to the decline of our immunity, and we will often lose our spirits, and various diseases will come to us.

as the saying goes, “obesity is the source of all diseases”, there is not too much predestination between nature and longevity. Excessive fat accumulation in various parts of the human body can lead to different diseases, and in many parts, abdominal fat accumulation is the most harmful to human body. The

World Cancer Research Foundation report shows that the incidence rate of cancer increases by eight times every inch of waist circumference. So, how much is a healthy waistline: it is recommended that men’s waistlines be & lt; 85CM, and women’s waistlines & lt; 80cm.

this kind of pickled or canned food, in addition to the salt content is very easy to exceed the standard, but also uses a lot of preservatives, among which formaldehyde is the most prominent. Moreover, if we often eat it, when the formaldehyde content in the body exceeds the standard, the body can not bear it.

after high-temperature treatment such as frying and baking, acrylamide is easy to be produced in fried food. This substance is toxic and its content will increase with the increase of temperature.

thrift is one of our traditional virtues, especially for our parents. When many things get moldy, they cut off the moldy half and then continue to eat. However, there is a large amount of aflatoxin hidden in the moldy food, which is very harmful to the body, ranging from food poisoning to cancer.

water can not only save lives, but also is the first element of longevity. Wenbaikai has always been the best choice for human drinking water. It plays an important role in replenishing water, diluting blood, cleaning cells and promoting metabolism.

tea contains antioxidant nutrients and can also remove free radicals from the human body. It contains a large number of vitamins and amino acids, promoting blood circulation and alleviating greasiness.

people live a breath. This kind of breath belongs to the lung tube. We can’t live without breathing. It’s easy to get dry in spring and autumn and easily hurt the lung. This will lead to more and more people suffering from lung disease. If we don’t pay attention to maintenance, our life will be shortened.

in fact, the ancients had a very effective lung nourishing therapy for a long time. Li Shizhen recorded a prescription in it. As long as six kinds of food with the same origin were added into boiling water, we could achieve good lung nourishing effect and prolong our life span.

suggested preparation: honeysuckle, lily, Siraitia grosvenorii, gardenia, Platycodon grandiflorum, loquat leaves, tea bag, boiling water for 5 minutes, 2 cups a day, nourish the lung, expel the toxin “garbage” in the lung, relieve constipation, good lung, strong immunity, raise the life span, collect the material trouble, we have prepared the same tea bag for you, and drink it directly with boiling water!