After the age of 50, osteoporosis is easy to fracture. Remember to stay away from three kinds of calcium stealing food and insist on doing one thing

As the name suggests, osteoporosis is a decrease in bone density. Osteoporosis is a systemic disease of bone metabolism, characterized by the reduction of bone calcium content, small changes in bone structure, bone becomes brittle, and slight trauma can lead to fracture. Osteoporosis is a systemic disorder of bone metabolism. The main reason is that bone metabolism is affected by many adverse factors and can not be metabolized normally. A variety of clinical manifestations of osteoporosis mainly focus on three aspects: first, the mineral content in bone decreases, the proportion of “reinforcement and cement” changes, and the hardness of bone decreases. Second, the micro structure of bone has changed. Its micro structure mainly refers to the fracture of bone trabeculae, just like the roof beam is not broken, rafters are broken, which is one of the causes of osteoporosis pain. Third, the toughness of bone is reduced. Osteoporosis is not only a decrease in mineral content, but also changes in the organic matrix of bone, that is, “reinforcement”, which affects the elasticity of bone, while the toughness decreases. < / P > < p > results of fracture. Minor trauma can lead to fracture. This kind of bone is like “bean curd dregs project”, can not bear the pressure of the outside world, can easily cause the risk of fracture. < p > < p > for example, if someone gets out of bed and bends over to wear shoes, goes down stairs or steps and takes a short step, it will lead to femoral neck fracture. Therefore, people with osteoporosis should be more careful in their actions and should not relax their vigilance to avoid the pain of fracture caused by “one slip”. < / P > < p > coffee has become a favorite drink for ordinary people. Occasionally drinking coffee as a drink can also refresh the mind. But if you often drink coffee as a drink, it’s not good for bone. Caffeine in coffee can promote bone absorption, reduce the affinity of bone matrix to calcium salt, and make bone calcium easy to lose. Therefore, people who like to drink coffee often should pay special attention to the supplement of calcium, which exceeds the normal requirement. Carbonated drinks mainly include soda, cola, Sprite, etc., which are harmful to the formation of bone. It is important to note that, especially in summer, they should not be used as the main drinks and should be replaced by mineral water, fruit juice and bean products. The content of iodine in natural environment in some areas is relatively high, which causes hyperthyroidism. Some symptoms caused by high iodine, such as diarrhea and increased body consumption, will also affect the absorption and discharge of minerals, leading to osteoporosis. < / P > < p > excessive protein intake will be excreted from the urine through the kidney, increasing the burden on the kidney, increasing the possibility of gout, accelerating the dissolution of calcium from bone and increasing the loss of calcium. < / P > < p > this is very simple, that is, calcium supplement, not simply calcium supplement, but calcium supplement. For patients with osteoporosis, simply drinking milk will still feel leg pain. Therefore, it is recommended to replace milk with KD, which can help calcium into bone. It not only contains multiple vitamins in milk, but also has better transformation than milk. KD multi element can supplement calcium To the bone, increase bone density, promote bone formation, so as to effectively prevent osteoporosis. In addition, exercise should start from the youth, and the elderly can not stop. It is necessary to wake up the sleeping osteoblasts, make them constantly stimulated, activate the activity of osteoblasts, inhibit the activity of osteoclasts, make more calcium deposit on bone tissue, and increase bone density and toughness. The treatment of < p > has been discussed in the exercise therapy. The simplest sports such as walking, jogging, gymnastics, Taijiquan and so on do not need any equipment and venues. They can be carried out at any time, but the most important thing is to adhere to it and should be persistent. Focus