After the autumnal equinox, we should pay more attention to nourishing the liver, less touch Er Bai, drink more ER Huang, and do three things, so that we can get less sick in autumn and winter

Mr. Li, 50, is the director of a food processing factory. He is friendly and diligent in his work. But he likes to drink wine, and he drinks half Liang before going to bed almost every night. One night three months ago, Mr. Li suffered from abdominal pain. His wife quickly dialed 120. After examination, he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. His condition was not optimistic, which made Mr. Li and his wife miserable.

according to the doctor, Mr. Li’s liver cirrhosis is closely related to long-term heavy drinking. Regular drinking, liver health will be damaged, over time, it will increase the risk of liver cirrhosis. Here, the doctor also reminds you to drink less and pay attention to the “help” signal of liver disease.

when liver diseases occur, eye health will be affected, leading to dry eyes, itching and discomfort. At the same time, dark circles will be particularly serious after getting up in the morning. When this kind of abnormal performance appears, it is necessary to check the liver CT as soon as possible, which may be caused by liver lesions, leading to the decline of liver function.

pathological changes in the liver will affect the detoxification function of the liver. Bad breath will appear after getting up in the morning. No matter how you brush your teeth, it is difficult to eliminate it. In addition, gingival bleeding will occur when you brush your teeth. In serious cases, when you eat breakfast, you will find blood residue on the food you have bitten.

generally, we go to urinate after getting up. At this time, we can carefully observe the color of urine. If the color is light yellow, it’s worth congratulating, indicating that the liver is still healthy. If you find abnormal yellow color, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check the liver, which is likely caused by pathological changes in the liver.

Baijiu Baijiu: Baijiu and social gatherings cannot do without liquor, but liquor will cause great stimulation to the liver, and will also affect the liver metabolism, which is not conducive to liver health.

nourishing the liver with tea has been very popular since ancient times. There is a classic prescription for nourishing the liver. Its main ingredients are chicory, chrysanthemum, cassia seed, Imperata root, dandelion and medlar. Reasonable combination of these ingredients, boiling water and drinking juice, can reduce the burden on the liver and help liver health.

there are many nutrients in lemon, such as vitamins, citric acid and so on. It has a very good maintenance effect on liver, can help repair and protect liver cells, and improve liver function. In daily life, drinking lemonade is very beneficial to liver health.

① exercise: regular exercise can speed up the detoxification ability of the liver, which is beneficial to detoxification and detoxification of the liver, reduce the burden on the liver, and is very beneficial to liver health.

② good mood: keeping a good mood is also good for liver health, because often angry and angry can cause liver qi stagnation, and also lead to liver fire exuberance, which is not conducive to liver health. 08/16/2020