After the baby is born, why does the nurse only show the buttocks to the puerpera? In addition to gender, there are other secrets

In October of pregnancy, the most talked about topics by Bao’s parents must be their baby, such as his appearance, IQ and future All kinds of visions represent joy. < / P > < p > but the novice Baoma never thought that after all the hard work, the first thing she saw was the baby’s butt, and she was immediately carried away by the nurse. < / P > < p > she also gave birth at an advanced age. During her pregnancy, she was very careful. When they first learned that she was pregnant, they enjoyed the whole night and began to name her child the next day. < / P > < p > my best friend recalled that she had mixed feelings at that time. After giving birth to her long-awaited baby, she even had no time to have a look at it, and the baby was carried away in a hurry, which made her unprepared. She wanted to get up in a hurry but was stopped. < / P > < p > it’s said that a woman’s birth is a ghost, and the process of delivery is really breathtaking. There will be many unexpected situations, and the danger often occurs in a moment. < / P > < p > after that, both mothers and babies still have a lot to do. In order to save time, after confirming the sex, we need to continue the next process. < / P > < p > after understanding, you Baoma should know? In addition to gender confirmation, there are other secrets. It is the best choice under the comprehensive evaluation. < / P > < p > everyone should be familiar with this word. The umbilical cord is the source of life for the baby, and it is the carrier of nutrition and oxygen. Under normal circumstances, the baby was born 1 ~ 2 minutes, if there is no abnormal situation, you can cut the umbilical cord. < / P > < p > cutting the umbilical cord sooner or later has a great impact on the baby. Cutting it too early will lead to the decline of the baby’s immunity, but if it exceeds the standard time for two minutes, it may cause the baby to catch a cold. < / P > < p > normally, the average weight of a newborn is about 6 kg, so we often hear the words “big fat kid with eight kg”, but more than eight kg belongs to the range of “giant baby”, which affects health. < / P > < p > because the newborn is clenching their fists, the hospital will help the baby seal the footprints for filing. Of course, if parents want to make a fingerprint album for their baby, they can make it separately. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!