After the beginning of autumn, chicken soup bone soup stand aside, now drink this soup, 3 yuan boil a pot, moisten and dry

After the beginning of autumn, we also begin to enter the autumn. After the beginning of autumn, my family often stews and boils various kinds of soup to moisten the body, so as to prevent the dry climate in autumn, and let the body produce autumn dryness. We drink a bowl every day to nourish the body! < / P > < p > my family often stews chicken soup and bone soup. When it comes to autumn, my family’s food expenses will increase greatly. But this autumn, because of the epidemic situation, everyone has put on a lot of pounds. If we continue to use chicken soup and bone soup to nourish them, we will gain weight rapidly even though it is nutritious! < / P > < p > so I found “wax gourd”. The price of wax gourd is very cheap. I bought it for 3 yuan, and it’s almost two Jin! With less than 3 yuan, you can cook a large pot, which is enough for a big snack. Moreover, after autumn, it is also very beneficial to eat more wax gourd. Because the wax gourd has very low calories, it contains propanedioic acid, which can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat. The wax gourd itself is 0-fat, so eating more will not bring the burden of “fat” to the body. The water content of wax gourd is particularly rich, Eat more to our body special water and moisture, remaining vitamin C is also rich, eat more can supplement body nutrition, so in autumn, do not need to stick fat, you should drink this soup! Can very good moisture body, prevent autumn dry Oh! < / P > < p > Step 1: remove the seeds of the wax gourd, and then peel off the skin. Try to cut the skin of the wax gourd. If the skin is thick, it will take silk. When you eat it, it is not very delicious. After peeling, clean it, and then cut it into small pieces and put it aside for use! < / P > < p > Step 5: add a small teaspoon of lard, lard can improve the flavor of the soup. If you lose weight, it is recommended to use vegetable oil and olive oil, and should be less. I do not lose weight, so choose more fragrant lard! < / P > < p > 3, dried Lentinus edodes should be selected, which can be very good for aroma and fresh taste. Fresh mushrooms taste tender and smooth, but not not not fragrant, can be adjusted according to their own taste! < / P > < p > this soup is ready. It doesn’t need any skill, just add a little seasoning! It is especially suitable for drinking at the early autumn stage. Whether it is fried or boiled, it is very moistening. If you feel that it is a little dry, you may as well make this soup when you have time, which can let you moisten and dry and replenish water. Moreover, the price is special, which is much more beneficial than chicken soup and bone soup! Thank you for watching. If you like, please comment and pay attention to it. I am the end of the morning. I hope to bring you more delicious food every day! Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not