After the beginning of autumn, eat it better than sweet potato potatoes, sweet moisture fall autumn dry, simple and nutritious

The beginning of autumn means the beginning of autumn, but it does not mean the end of summer heat. The weather is still hot, but at the same time, the “autumn dryness” is slowly catching up with the pace.

nature is very magical, and we will grow the fruits and vegetables we need in every season. After the beginning of autumn, too cold watermelon and balsam pear will be out of season one after another. Instead of seasonal food, radish, taro, pumpkin, lotus root, etc. have gradually become the main players in the vegetable market. Today, we are going to talk about a kind of root vegetable, not potato or sweet potato!

Yes, it’s yam. Why do you eat yam in autumn? “Autumn to, stick autumn fat”, many people think that autumn will be a big fish and meat, this is the misunderstanding of sticking autumn fat. After the beginning of autumn, eat some warm and nourishing food, such as water chestnut, lily, lotus seed, pear, sesame, honey.

only by supplementing nutrition step by step can we lay a foundation for successfully passing through the turn of summer and autumn. And yam is a good food in season. Compared with sweet potato and potato, yam is often ignored. But eating yam in autumn can not only supplement nutrition, but also remove heat and dryness. If you can adapt to the weather, you can eat it from time to time.

yam is rich in saponins, polysaccharides, vitamins and protein, which is suitable for all ages. There are many ways to make yam. They can be stir fried, cold mixed, steamed or stewed, and even made into sweets.

in autumn, eat it from time to time. It’s better than sweet potato and potato. It’s fragrant and delicious, and can prevent autumn dryness. How to eat yam better in autumn? Autumn to drink more water, then with yam cooking porridge, soup or rice paste is the most suitable way to eat. Today, I’d like to share a piece of rice paste with yam and Tremella.

making this yam paste only takes you a few minutes. It’s delicious and sweet. It’s a nutritious rice paste for autumn. It’s good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. How to make rice paste of Chinese yam and Tremella? Let’s see how it works!

for three to four people, the ingredients are 1 section of yam, 1 piece of tremella, 30g of rice, 2 pieces of rock sugar and a little rose. Yams are not edible in all constitutions. If you want to know who is not suitable for yam, you can leave me a message.

soak Tremella for 1 hour in advance until it is soft and stretch. Don’t soak Tremella for a long time, let alone soak overnight. After soaking, cut off the bottom of the hard pedicle, tear into small flowers, clean.

peeled yam and cut into thin slices. It is easier to make rice paste if it is thinned. Wear gloves when handling yams so that yam juice will not stick to your hands and cause discomfort.

put the prepared ingredients into the soymilk machine, and add water to 900 ml. Choose the rice paste procedure to start cooking, about 25 minutes to finish.

after the Chinese yam rice paste is made, add 2 small pieces of rock sugar and stir until it melts. It will be more beautiful with a little more roses. Let me talk about the precautions of adding rock sugar.

how to distinguish? Let me teach you a few tips: because the old rock sugar is not bleached, it should be in the primary color of sugarcane juice, translucent and irregular shape, less impurities, and the taste will not be too sweet. Only this kind of old rock sugar can have what we say, single crystal or white sugar can’t, don’t understand!

when selecting yams in the vegetable market, you should weigh the weight. The yam of the same size is better than the heavier one. If you look at the cross section, the meat is snow white and fresher.

it’s the right time to eat yam in autumn, but many children don’t like it. As long as you learn the correct way to do it, you can make it sweet and moist. Even children and old people like it. Do you think this yam rice paste I made is delicious? After autumn, our family eat every other day and five times a week, and the whole family is not dry in autumn!

after the beginning of autumn, the most important thing to eat is not sweet potato or potato, but yam. It’s a pity that I don’t understand! Have you learned how to teach you this kind of yam today? Is it easy? How do you think yam is delicious and nutritious?

autumn is the harvest season and a good time to eat yam. Hurry up! Your every message, and every like, is my driving force! Please forward it to your relatives and friends! BEAUTY&SKIN CARE