After the beginning of autumn, every night when snacks to eat a few, whitening skin care, the whole family love to eat!

Broccoli rich in high fiber can effectively reduce the gastrointestinal absorption of glucose, thereby reducing blood sugar, and effectively control the condition of diabetes mellitus: at the same time, broccoli towel contains chromium, chromium can help diabetic patients improve insulin sensitivity, play a role in controlling the disease. The pea horn is green and tender, with high nutritional value, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, suitable for most people. It contains Zhiya acid, gibberellin and phytoagglutinin, which has the function of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and enhancing metabolism. < / P > < p > the cellulose contained in Myrica rubra can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, promote the elimination of endotoxin in the body, and help to maintain beauty. It contains vitamin C, anthocyanins and other can also help antioxidant, delay the body aging. CUISINE&HEALTH