After the beginning of autumn, it is healthy and comfortable to use air conditioner in this way

The beginning of autumn solar term has arrived, but the temperature of the weather seems not to have dropped. During the day, when I blow air conditioner in the unit for a day, I have to keep the air conditioner on when I get home. Even in the hot summer, if the air conditioner is on all the time, I will suffer from air conditioning disease. After the beginning of autumn, although the temperature does not drop significantly, it is still cooler in the morning and evening. If you always want to keep the air conditioner on for a long time as in summer, you will be prone to symptoms of discomfort. < / P > < p > after autumn, the moisture in the air decreases and the dry air rises. Some people will find that their bodies are dry and lack of water, and long-term exposure to air conditioning will aggravate the water shortage. Therefore, it is suggested that after autumn, the air conditioner should not be turned on for a long time, and the air conditioner should be used reasonably. < / P > < p > if you blow to the air conditioner for a long time, once you go out, the temperature difference between inside and outside is too big, it is easy to have runny nose and cold. And direct air conditioning, a long time will cause joint pain. For patients with rheumatism, air conditioning direct blowing will bring more cold, aggravating the condition of rheumatism. Therefore, usually the air conditioning wind is best to blow upward, to avoid direct cold wind blowing the body. When you go to work in the office, you should prepare small blankets, coats and other clothes. Generally speaking, the temperature at noon is relatively high in autumn, and the temperature in the morning and evening is very suitable. So use the air conditioner when it is hot at noon, and try not to turn on the air conditioner sooner or later, which can also prevent colds. < p > < p > the temperature in autumn is not as high as that in summer. When air conditioning is used in autumn, we can change the cooling mode to dehumidification mode. In dehumidification mode, the air conditioner will operate in dehumidification mode according to the low temperature and low wind speed set automatically, and the cold air blowing out is relatively gentle. And when using the dehumidification function of the air conditioner, the moisture in the air is condensed into water and discharged. The relative humidity of the air is reduced, and the user will feel more dry and comfortable. < / P > < p > in the case of closed doors and windows, there will be a lot of carbon dioxide in the air, and in the indoor environment where the air conditioner is normally on, the air will become turbid. At this time, it is very important to open the window for ventilation. Often open the window ventilation, can effectively remove the indoor air turbidity gas, purify the indoor air.