After the beginning of autumn, often eat a small red fruit, a few a day, appetizer Xiaoshi, better than health products

Wild fruit red currant is like a red lantern. Its skin is glossy and transparent. It tastes very delicious. It has high nutritional and medicinal value and many effects. Have you ever seen it?

the first effect of red currant: red currant is a kind of health-care wild fruit given by heaven. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients, which is 10 times higher than that of ordinary fruits, and can supplement the nutritional components.

the second effect of red currant: red currant is rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber, which can play the role of appetizer and digestion. If you eat one every day, the more you eat, the healthier you will be.

effect 4 of red currant: red currant contains a kind of biological flavone composition, which can soften blood vessels, reduce blood lipid and blood pressure, and regular eating has certain effect.

effect 5 of red currant: in addition to the above effects, red currant also has the effect of protecting the stomach and intestines, which has a good effect on people with bad intestines and stomach.