After the beginning of autumn, the most important thing is to eat this dish, moisten and dry in autumn. It’s better than loofah. Don’t miss it

In many people’s minds, summer is the hottest, which is not the case. After the beginning of autumn, the dog days are not over. There is a saying of “autumn tiger” among the people. That is to say, after autumn, the weather is still hot, and there are even more events. Traditional Chinese medicine has always suggested that we should eat according to the season, so in autumn, the most important food is no longer loofah, balsam pear. Although these dishes have a good heat clearing and heat dispelling effect, they belong to the relatively cold type of food. After autumn, we should eat more nourishing and dry food. After the beginning of autumn, the most important thing is to eat this dish, moisten and dry in autumn. It’s better than loofah. Don’t miss it.

today, I want to share with you Lily. After the beginning of autumn, many people begin to pay attention to their own diet. Instead of being greedy for cold and cold food, they begin to choose warm and nourishing food and go to hot and dry food. Lily is a very good choice, it contains rich protein, vitamins, iron, calcium and other nutrients, is a very good moisture fall dry food materials. And now it’s time for Lily to come into the market in large quantities, and the price is very cheap. Lily’s practice is also very many, but most of them are very simple. Therefore, after entering autumn, we should eat more lilies, which can not only clear the heart and moisten dryness, but also provide sufficient nutrients for the body.

here’s a very delicious Lily method – steamed pumpkin with lily, which is very simple. In autumn, don’t just know to eat loofah, you must often do lily to eat. Now, fresh lilies can be found everywhere in the market, so don’t miss them.

1. Prepare all the ingredients, break the lily into pieces, put it into water, and clean the lily. There will be a lot of sand in the fresh lily, so you can soak it for a few minutes. It will be easier to clean the mud. Red dates also soak for a while, and then clean, put into the plate for standby.

2. Peel the pumpkin first, then cut it from one third of one end, dig out the pumpkin pulp with a spoon, and make the pumpkin cup. Then clean the pumpkin cup and set aside.

3. At this time, put the lily into the pumpkin cup, put the dates in, and sprinkle some rock sugar on the top. Pumpkin and jujube are very good ingredients for nourishing blood and nourishing skin. They are very good ingredients when it comes to warm and tonic season in autumn. Put the pumpkin cups into the plate, then put them into a steamer, turn it into a medium heat and cook for 20 minutes.

4. Take out the steamed pumpkin lily, prepare a bowl, and pour the juice into the bowl. Add the right amount of honey in the bowl and stir it well. Then cut the pumpkin cup into pieces with a knife, and pour honey water evenly on the pumpkin lily. If there are sesame seeds at home, you can sprinkle some on it evenly, and it will look more beautiful if you decorate it. This steamed pumpkin lily, nutrition is not easy to lose, taste sweet, adults and children can eat. Autumn often eat nourishing lung, more healthy.
this is a very simple way to steam lily. Here, choose this small pumpkin to steam lily, taste more pink and glutinous, with the lily powder powder, as well as the sweet jujube, it is more delicious. When steaming, the pumpkin is made into a pumpkin cup, which makes it easier to separate out the nutrients of Lily and jujube, making this dish more nutritious and delicious. If you like pumpkin and Lily, try this. Focus