After the body fat rate is reduced to 19%, it is still the “God of all orchards”. Nutrients and exercise coordination are the key

Maybe a lot of people who are 31 years old don’t know that Chen is a God. < p > < p > Chen Jing, who was born as an advertising model, began to be familiar with the shooting of Baiguoyuan beverage advertisement with artist Chen Baiyu in 2008. In 2010, her photo album became popular with her sweet appearance and good figure, and since then, she has been known as “e God of Baiguo yuan”. < p > < p > later, he became fatter because he entered the performing arts circle in order to play a good role. Then she lost weight for her role. In just a few months, she lost 20 jin of weight and her body fat rate dropped to 19%. < / P > < p > weight loss is not her greatest strength. What’s more, after losing weight, she is still in the E-Class upper circumference, and has really achieved the ultimate goal of “slimming but not skinny chest”. < / P > < p > weight loss is a popular topic, and the ultimate goal of girls is to lose weight but not to lose chest. But contrary to our wishes, many people have doubts about why every time they lose weight, they lose weight to the chest first? How to reduce it to the chest? If it must be reduced to the chest, what diet, exercise and other methods can be used to make up the chest? < / P > < p > weight loss will definitely lead to thin chest, which I have also said in previous articles. Because of the fat content of the chest, it will also provide energy for consumption in the process of weight loss. So, when you lose weight, your chest will also be thin. < / P > < p > fat consumption: weight loss will cause the consumption of whole body fat, of course, chest fat is not immune, it will decrease with the reduction of fat, chest circumference will also shrink, and there will be relaxation, sagging and other phenomena. Inadequate protein intake: because protein is the main element in the construction of body tissues and the regulation of physiological functions. Foreign studies have shown that protein can trigger weight-loss hormones, so protein should not be omitted in weight loss. Because the pectoralis major muscle will also atrophy, resulting in a smaller size of the upper circumference. Incorrect weight loss methods, such as diet, diet pills: studies have shown that diet pills or other improper weight loss methods can cause hormone secretion imbalance, or decline. The gradual decrease of hormone is the main cause of lean chest. Malnutrition: in the process of losing weight, malnutrition caused by various weight loss methods will also cause chest circumference reduction. Therefore, we should pay special attention to a balanced diet during the weight loss period. At the same time, we should not forget to take in some nutrients that can help us to keep in shape. < / P > < p > many girls often don’t eat this or that because they are afraid of being fat. Especially when it comes to fat, they are regarded as “great scourges”. For example, unsaturated fatty acids are not only good for health, but also good for keeping fit. In addition, carbohydrate, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and other nutrients need to be balanced intake, because these nutrients are important substances to synthesize hormones. < / P > < p > the simplest way to get balanced nutrition is to eat grains, green leafy vegetables, lean meat, beans and dairy products. < / P > < p > the food containing collagen mainly includes tendon, sea cucumber, Auricularia Auricularia, meat skin, pig’s hoof, cow’s hoof, beef tendon, chicken wing, etc. at the same time, more oranges, carrots and eggs can be eaten. In addition to the above-mentioned diet, acupoint massage and dredging of mammary glands seem to be helpful for activating collaterals of mammary glands. Because it is not related to the professional, do not start the narrative. Here’s to focus on the principle of strength training to maintain the upper circumference. < / P > < p > as shown above, the pectoralis major is like the base. Through targeted movement training, can effectively increase the thickness of pectoralis major muscle, improve the support and stretching force, and then keep the chest circumference while slimming. In addition, targeted training can promote blood circulation and strengthen the elasticity of chest skin. You can try the following set of targeted unarmed training movements, in addition to other sports, training 3-4 times a week. A total of 7 movements, each action 30 seconds, 15 seconds interval, do two cycles. Focus