After the broadcast, “the elder sister who rides the wind and waves” still has to cheat you to pay the youth intelligence tax

It’s over. The seven sisters are in a group. What impresses you most about “sister breaking waves”? For me, it may be Huang Shengyi’s exclusive “hand cream” – Fan Xilin lady’s ointment, which is marked with the price of a bottle of lamer, but it is actually a OEM wechat product ordered to stop production by the food and drug administration

in addition to fan Xilin, the originator of micro business, there are also other micro business players waiting for the opportunity to invite her sister to bring her own products to “ride the storm”.

the three key words “stem cells”, “exosomes” and “skin care products”, no matter how they are arranged and combined, are equal to “the secret of youth”.

stem cell exosomes are small vesicles encapsulated by cell membrane secreted by stem cells. The main components in them are growth factors and signal molecules that regulate cell function. To learn more about the basic knowledge of exosomes, we can point here: stem cell exosomes used for skin care products, whether they are derived from fat or placenta, are considered as mesenchymal stem cell exosomes. After skin application, they can mainly play the role of reducing inflammatory reaction, promoting wound healing and maintaining skin barrier [1,2]. At present, the limited experimental data can not even prove that the application of exosomes on normal skin with intact skin barrier can play these roles. [tw888] the world’s first product of mesenchymal stem cells Gamma The product page of its official website only publicizes the three major effects of relieving skin sensitivity, maintaining skin barrier and strengthening moisturizing [3].

when the domestic “exocrine body” wechat business players see this kind of ordinary to no longer ordinary anti-inflammatory and soothing skin care products, they will certainly cast scorn, and then smile. Because in their hands, the concept of exocrine skin care has long been exaggerated into the “anti aging technology” and “the next skin aging”.

compared with the ordinary efficacy, the main selling points of regular exocrine skin care products are “special filtration process, safe ingredients, meeting the most stringent EWG safety standards in the cosmetics industry”. Why should we pay much attention to safety? This also needs to start with the preparation process of stem cell exosomes:

culture stem cells in vitro, centrifugation will precipitate the cells, and then take the supernatant. This layer of supernatant is called conditioned medium. The conditioned medium contains a large number of exosomes, and the growth factors inside can make other cells grow faster and better. Therefore, when doing research in the laboratory, the next batch of stem cells will be cultured with cm Cells.

However, the conditioned medium also contains many additives in the medium, such as fetal bovine serum, antibiotics, lactic acid and ammonia, which are not allowed to appear in skin care products; even miscellaneous bacteria, viruses, etc

if you greet the conditioned medium on your face, it’s almost like drinking Henghe River directly. You don’t need to expect to achieve any magical effect. It’s lucky that you don’t have a bad face.

safer exosomes skin care products need special filtration process to remove impurities in conditioned medium and purify exosomes. Exosome purification requires a high cost. Can you expect products with hundreds of thousands of dollars to help you purify them carefully?

“evil intentions”: do the three non wechat businessmen really understand what exocrine is? Do they have the relevant preparation process? Will the exosomes they sell to their customers contain some kind of inexplicable culture medium, strange secretions, or even real “excrement and urine fart”?

under the condition of weak supervision, do they only need to firmly grasp an important wealth code – “as long as the marketing is done well, there is no sunrise grass that can not be cut”, can they face the “wind outlet”?

we have written several articles to discuss the shortcomings of exosomes. It’s really not that we should catch up with diss. I just feel that it must take a long time to explore a new thing. Now it seems that it has not reached the time when exosomes can be used safely, stably and efficiently to benefit human beings.

but we always believe that with the unremitting efforts of so many outstanding scientists, the future of exosome research will be better. As for those wechat business players who walk in front of scientists, we have a look back at the “exosomes” market with mixed good and bad, and feel helpless. What we can do is to explain the origin and development of exosomes as far as possible, and then remind everyone to keep their eyes open and be alert to traps. 2