After the fall, this cup of fruit juice can be less, wrinkle resistant, anti aging and moisturizing. 1 cups are better than 10 times mask.

Autumn is a season that many people like. Although it is still in the dog days, we can clearly feel that the weather is getting cooler. There are a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in this season, especially fruits. A large number of them are on the market with low price and good taste. One of the more popular is grape.

there are many varieties of grapes, and each kind of taste is different. Some are sweet and some are sour and sweet. My family and I love to eat, so every time I go out, I buy some. We usually buy it back and clean it and eat it. We can also put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it for a while. When we take it out, it is cold and cold. It tastes better.

in fact, in addition to eating directly, we can also squeeze it into juice to drink. When I do it, I like to put the skin in it. Although it has a sour taste, it is more nutritious.

grapes can be said to be the beauty king of fruits, which contains many elements beneficial to our skin. It has antioxidant, anti wrinkle, anti-aging and moisturizing effects. Regular consumption can make people’s skin more elastic. Drinking 1 cups is better than applying 10 times mask, so some beautiful female friends must not miss it. The following is my usual way to do grapes and you say, if you also like this kind of fruit, quickly do it.

1. There are many kinds of grapes. It’s better to choose seedless grapes when juicing. The taste will be more delicate and look more beautiful. Add some lemon inside, will make the taste more rich. The amount of honey will be decided by yourself. Pay attention not to put too much. Wash and slice the lemon. Take out two pieces.

2. There are some tips when cleaning grapes. Add a small amount of flour into the water, the ratio is 1:10, put it into the water and soak it for a while, about 10 minutes, and then clean it.

8. Pour the whipped juice into the cup, and put mint leaves on both sides on the top, so that it looks more appetizing, like it was bought in a cold drink shop. If you think the temperature is still high, you can refrigerate for a while before drinking, the taste will be better.

1. A lot of nutrition of grape is on the skin, so I haven’t removed the skin in the time of making. If I don’t like the astringent taste, I can peel off the skin. If you buy a seeded grape, remove the seeds from it. You can’t go home without breaking seeds. Pets