After the parturient gave birth to twins, she felt her stomach was still moving. After the doctor checked, she found that she was surprised

As the saying goes, Long Feng Chengxiang, Chinese people still pay more attention to the issue of childbirth. Generally, they hope that they can have both sons and daughters, and have two children, the family will be more lively.

with this mentality and the current two child policy, mothers to be hope to have twins when they are pregnant, so they don’t have to have a second birth. If it is a dragon and Phoenix fetus, it is more envious of others.

Xiaojuan has been pregnant for 5 months. She found that her stomach was very big. Worried about the baby’s problems, she immediately went to the hospital with her husband for a prenatal examination.

the doctor immediately checked her and found that there was one in Xiaojuan’s stomach! Fortunately, the third baby was born in time.

the doctor explained that the last baby was blocked by the other two, so it was not found in time during the examination.

Xiaojuan was undoubtedly lucky. There was no big problem during the delivery, and the baby was born healthily and smoothly. But not every pregnant woman has such a good fortune.

compared with the past, the living standard has improved a lot. With good conditions, children’s fertility will not be the same as before. Eugenics is the modern fertility standard.

childbirth is a matter of human life. A series of conditions, such as improper diet of pregnant women, lack of relevant nutrition, or poor physical fitness, or the condition of infants in their mothers’ stomachs, may have adverse effects and consequences during delivery.

the first prenatal check-up is more appropriate in the early pregnancy of 6-12 weeks. Some routine examinations, such as blood routine and urine routine examination, will be done, including checking whether the pregnant woman has some diseases that are not conducive to production.

if it is found that the pregnant woman’s body is not suitable for pregnancy, or can not be pregnant at present, artificial abortion can be done immediately to stop the loss in time, so as to avoid serious damage to the pregnant woman’s body caused by miscarriage after the month is big.

the second prenatal examination after pregnancy is usually 13-16 weeks. In addition to continuing to do routine physical examination, there is also a very important thing to do early Down’s disease screening.

what is down’s syndrome? Down’s syndrome is a chromosomal aberration disease known as Down’s syndrome. In popular words, the baby is born with low IQ, dull face, slow growth, and accompanied by a variety of organ malformations.

this is a disease that can not be treated at present. Even if the baby is born smoothly, it is a great burden for most families. The best way is to find out in time through pregnancy examination and terminate pregnancy.

another is to check the physical condition of pregnant women, whether they are lack of nutrition, such as iron deficiency and folic acid deficiency, and whether they have some common early symptoms of pregnant women, such as pregnancy poisoning. Timely inspection and detection can let the doctor treat as soon as possible to prevent the disease from affecting the fetus more seriously. Only on time for birth examination, according to the doctor’s advice to adjust the diet of pregnant women, treatment of pregnant women’s diseases and so on, can we make better preparation for future production and maximize the health and safety of pregnant women and fetus.

we can’t relax our vigilance because there are no major problems in the previous birth examination, because the baby is floating in the stomach, and may turn his body into a position that is not conducive to production. Timely inspection and correction can ensure the safety of adults and children.

even if pregnant women or fetuses are difficult to adjust, it is also important to find out as soon as possible so that doctors can have time to prepare measures to deal with them.

this is the significance and value of the birth examination. The mother to be and her family must pay attention to the birth examination. They were given a surprise like Xiaojuan. Fortunately, if there is any accident, the consequences will become worse.