After the summer heat, drink more of this kind of soup, nourish people like milk, replenish water and moisten autumn dryness

After the summer heat, the weather is getting colder, the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large, and they are no longer greedy for cold food. Even the soup for breakfast has begun to change. The frequency of normal temperature milk and iced soybean milk is less, and the frequency of strong flavor fresh boiled soybean milk and soup paste is relatively high. In the early autumn, it’s not suitable to supplement too much water, and eat more nourishing food, such as autumn pear, yam, sweet potato, bean products, etc., which are very good, let us have a smooth transition, which is more conducive to the health of the whole family. < / P > < p > a classic soybean milk formula is recommended. It tastes smooth and nutritious. It doesn’t need to be filtered after being made with a soybean milk machine or a wall breaking machine. The strong flavor is good to drink, and the nutrition is no worse than milk. There is more bean flavor, so try it quickly. < p > < p > this material is made by mini wall breaking machine of zhenmi, which just makes a cup of soybean milk. One person can eat a normal meal, and two people can eat a small amount of food. It is also very convenient for families with small population. If you use a large capacity soybean milk machine or wall breaking machine, you can change the ingredients according to the proportion. However, there will always be some bean dregs in the end. The rice and soybean milk made by adding the size, millet and Tremella fuciformis into the soybean will make the rice soybean milk taste smooth and sticky, but there is no trouble with soybean dregs. This kind of soup is also suitable for eating in autumn and winter. < / P > < p > soak soybeans, sizes, millet and Tremella for standby. If time is sufficient, they can be soaked in advance. The soaked beans are better to drink and can be directly operated without soaking. < / P > < p > it takes about 20 minutes to make soymilk. You can drink Soybean milk for breakfast. When you go into the kitchen, you should first beat the soymilk and then prepare other food. It’s good. < / P > < p > the soybean milk that has been beaten can be drunk. It is very delicious. Zhenmi wall breaking machine has automatic cleaning function. Add water to start the automatic cleaning program. After the program is finished, you can turn it off and flush it. Skip to content