After the summer heat, remember to drink this tea often, sour and sweet, tonic water run dry, drink a cup of meimeida

In the twinkling of an eye, it is already the solar term for summer heat. The arrival of heat means that the heat will be exhausted, and it will turn cold sooner or later. The human body is vulnerable to dryness, which will cause dry mouth and dry cough. In autumn, drinking some tea is helpful for health preservation. In addition to replenishing the water needed by the human body, drinking tea can also relieve various discomfort caused by autumn dryness, and the effect of tea moistening dryness is obviously stronger than that of tea plain boiled water. So what kind of tea is good in autumn?

Luoshen flower is also called Roselle, Luoshen Kui, shanqie, hongjinmei, luoshenguo, hongmeiguo, etc. It belongs to an annual herb, and will bloom between summer and autumn. Moreover, Luoluo flower is a natural pigment with a slightly sour taste. It tastes sour and sweet. It is delicious and appetizing. It has the functions of clearing heat, promoting body fluid, nourishing skin and slimming. It can relieve the weariness of the body and is especially suitable for women to drink. In the morning, when I wake up, I would like to have a sweet and sour tea pot?

recently, a new electric kettle has been added to our home, which is the pride’s self selected constant temperature hot kettle. Use it to make this pot of tea every day! This is a 1.5L electric kettle with a large capacity, abandoning the redundant lines. The whole pot is flat, clean and smooth. It adopts a pure white design. It can be placed anywhere and becomes a scenery. Since the popularity of smart home, even a small hot pot has to become more intelligent and convenient. This platinum constant temperature intelligent electric kettle has large capacity and short boiling time, which can meet the drinking needs of the whole family.

rinse Luoshen flower with water to clean the floating dust on the surface; remove the core of red jujube for standby. Soak luoshenhua, jujube and medlar in a bowl for 5 minutes, then drain and set aside.

start the boiling key and start to boil water. It has to be said that this thermos is really user-friendly. There is a ring of display lamp on the base, which will change with the increase of water temperature. It is white at 1 ~ 35 ℃, yellow at 36 ℃ ~ 74 ℃, red at 75 ℃ to 100 ℃. Double water temperature display allows you to know the change of water temperature all the time.

in addition, the intelligent constant temperature electric kettle of Siping also has intelligent wireless WiFi connection control function. You can remotely control the water temperature through the mobile app. After downloading the app, you can see the current temperature through the WiFi of the kettle. At the same time, you can set the heat preservation time, and also enable the boiling function, heat preservation function and other settings. It is very convenient and user-friendly.

it’s best to boil the kettle to about 80 ℃, which will destroy its efficacy if it is too high. Then pour the right amount of boiling water into the cup, rock sugar can be added according to personal preference, soak for 10 minutes and then drink.

high appearance, fast boiling water, intelligent heat preservation, and chlorine removal. For young people who pursue quality life, the intelligent constant temperature electric kettle of Shiping is a good intelligent household appliance. Don’t hesitate to like it. Home