After Weiya takes off her make-up, she has a big gap with herself. Netizens comment: is it the same person before and after?

Eyelashes are like the wings of the eyes. Blinking, the eyes are full of autumn water. A pair of thick and dense eyelashes can instantly improve a person’s appearance by several degrees. < / P > < p > good looking eye makeup has the function of “lightening the eyes”, especially the dense and orderly eyelashes can make a pair of eyes more beautiful. The clear eyelashes not only make the whole make-up look clean and natural, but also can catch people’s eyes and make them unforgettable. < / P > < p > with the increasing demand of girls for the delicacy of make-up, the heavy eyelashes are no longer favored in recent years. Now the more popular eyelashes are “air feeling”, which are light and natural, and have a girl’s flavor. The thick and delicate eyelashes not only make the make-up look cleaner and beautiful, but also virtually increase the eyes and enhance the “visual” appeal. During the period when heavy eye makeup was popular, Qi Wei tried this kind of eye makeup, but her eyebrows and eyes were a little messy. After changing her “air feeling” eyelashes, she not only made her eyes look bigger and more natural, but also reduced her age. < / P > < p > Qiao Mei, who has always been known as “pure and sweet”, has also used thick black eyelashes to increase her aura. She not only has an unnatural make-up, but also looks old. < / P > < p > after changing to “air feeling” eyelashes with “clear roots”, the whole make-up looks much cleaner, and people also look fresh and natural. A pair of eyes which are already full of brilliance and charm instantly add a lot of luster and charm.

wants to brush this orderly and clear eyelash, but it is not very simple. Nowadays, many mascara on the market are easy to brush “fly leg”, even if it is very careful, it is also hard to avoid.

so now little foam is more careful to Choose Mascara. Fortunately, we started with the self application Mascara recommended by the director of live broadcast, and the photo of Qi Wei who was called “eyelash essence”.

Wei Ya also emphasized the importance of eye makeup. Look at the show of Wei Ya, although the facial features vary little, but without the help of mascara, the state is completely different. < / P > < p > at that time, I couldn’t wait to have a try. Let alone buying the eyelashes, which were originally collapsed and few, were brushed lightly to create a “sense of air”, which was really easy to use.

little wonder is also surprised that this mascara is different from the mascara used before. It has been found that it has two kinds of brush heads. " tower " the type of brush head is the long and thin function, which can make eyelashes fine and neat. With the process of brushing the eyelashes from the root to the tip, the mascara can be evenly coated on the top to create the effect of “clear roots”.

at the same time, this mascara’s brush head is soft and flexible. It has excellent sense of experience when it is radiant.

is a small foam of the hand remnant party. Every time you paint your eyes, it is a car accident scene. With this mascara, it saves time and effort, and your eyes are bigger and more divine. To see if the mascara is painted and not coated with that eye, is it magnified almost twice?

ordinary mascara is also prone to get rid of makeup when it comes to water, especially in summer. After taking off makeup, there is no sense of refinement around the eyes. So after getting the hand, Xiao Mo specially tested the water repellency of this mascara. After washing for a minute, the color did not drop off.

besides this mascara, it also has advanced magnetic sensing black technology. It releases magnetism through built-in magnetic core and accelerates the blood circulation around the eyes, thus eliminating fat particles blocking eye pores.

and in the course of time, eyelashes will become healthier and more energetic and become a healthy beauty. This BOB Mascara recommended by Wei Ya also contains nourishing ingredients for eyelashes. 08/16/2020