After X-ray examination found pregnant, the baby should stay or give up, listen to the doctor how to say

The health of the child is always the core concern of the pregnant mother. However, if you don’t know about pregnancy, taking drugs or doing X-ray will more or less affect the normal development of the fetus. < p > < p > the doctor suggested X-ray examination. After the examination, Xiaoting unexpectedly found herself pregnant. She often heard friends say that X-ray examination had a very serious impact on the development of the fetus. As this is her first child, Xiaoting is particularly worried. There is no choice but to come to the hospital again and ask the doctor whether his child is going to stay or not. However, doctors can not replace pregnant women to make a choice, just to inform all possibilities in advance. The final decision still needs to be made by pregnant women and their families. < / P > < p > and only at least 8 times of X-ray examination of the abdomen or chest can cause malformation to the fetus, and the incidence rate is only 0.1%, while the single use of X-ray for physical examination has little impact on the fetus. < / P > < p > there are also Baoma who, without knowing it, had X-ray examination for many times, had a fluke mentality after pregnancy and did not have a timely birth examination, resulting in the final birth of an unhealthy baby. Therefore, if the doctor is asked whether the fetus is going to stay or not, we should also consider the location, dose and time of X-ray examination to determine whether the fetus is alive or not? < / P > < p > even if it can be judged that the fetus will have health problems, it is still necessary to carry out further examination during pregnancy, determine through risk assessment, and give reasonable opinions. < p > < p > whether the fetus should stay or give up still needs to be considered by Baoma. As an important stage of early pregnancy and fetal formation, there are many things Baoma should pay attention to in order to ensure the health of the fetus. Therefore, timely supplement of folic acid, vitamins, minerals, sufficient fat and protein can help the development of fetal nervous system, effectively reduce the malformation rate, and prevent the occurrence of neonatal birth defects. < / P > < p > during this stage, Baoma should ensure enough sleep, more than 8-10 hours a day, so that the body can get sufficient rest, in order to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus in the abdomen. In order to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus, Baoma should try to avoid strenuous exercise and stay in bed to avoid excessive exercise leading to abortion. < p > < p > therefore, Baoma should pay attention to regular cleaning, change underwear frequently and take a bath frequently, so as to avoid bacterial invasion. From the early pregnancy, try to choose pure cotton and soft clothes, so as to avoid skin irritation and body discomfort. < p > < p > the early pregnancy examination is essential. Baoma should timely understand whether the fetus is healthy or not, exclude the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy and so on, and do a good job of tocolysis according to the doctor’s advice. There is a close relationship between the health of the fetus and the maintenance of the early pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary for Baoma to prepare in all aspects in the early pregnancy, lay a solid foundation, and strive to give birth to a healthy baby. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not