“Ah, delivery day is all boys,” the nurse said casually after work, which scared parents

I just don’t know if these people have ever thought about such a question, what will happen if everyone wants a daughter? Now the difference between the number of men and women in China is 30.49 million.

this is xiaofeihuai’s third baby. Different from the first two, Xiaofei has devoted all her efforts to this little guy in her belly. This is not hard to understand, because Xiaofei’s first two children are daughters.

originally, it’s very good for Xiaofei to take care of the two girls with peace of mind. But Xiaofei insists that only her son is the strength of her family, so that she can lift her chest in front of other women. Even after 35, Xiaofei still decided to give birth to the child. When Xiaofei learns that she is pregnant, she will be happy about her future pregnancy.

two nurses who had finished delivery and were ready to leave work chatted together and said, “there are too many baby boys now. All of them are boys today. What should we do after that?” Another nurse also said, “yes, this is just one of our hospitals. What about other hospitals? They say that the son is good. I don’t think the son can marry his daughter-in-law in the end. What’s good about him? ”

Xiaofei was just thinking, isn’t it a good thing to be a man all day? But the latter words let Xiaofei suddenly stunned, she thought the nurse’s words more said more reasonable, giving birth to a son is not as good as she thought.

in the traditional understanding, men play an important role in family inheritance. If there is no man in the family, it means that the blood of the family will be cut off.

at the same time, it is widely recognized that the son should undertake the responsibility of parents’ pension. This leads to parents have to consider their old-age pension problems when they give birth. The most common phenomenon is that these parents try to give birth to boys instead of girls, and the gap between men and women is widened.

since the full opening of the two child policy in 2016, the number of social newborns has increased steadily, but it is not difficult to find that among the new children, the number of boys is still the most.

the reason why these parents take the risk of having children at a relatively high age is that most people want to get together a pair of good words by giving birth to a boy, and only a few choose to have a girl.

do parents need to understand that the traditional idea that only men can inherit and women can provide for the aged is no longer practical in today’s society. Compared with the difference of gender, the present society actually pays more attention to the difference of their abilities.

when facing their children, some parents often think one sidedly that girls are not born to do certain things. In fact, this is just a one-sided impression of parents. The strength and ability of girls are far greater than their parents imagined.

when treating two children of different genders, parents should set tasks according to the characteristics of each child, give up one-sided impression of girls, understand girls more deeply, and help girls get better growth.

the more achievements girls have made, the more objective traditional people have about girls, and the number of people who choose to give birth to girls will also increase, and the gap can be predicted. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!