“All the babies delivered today are boys,” the nurse said carelessly, which made Baoma’s heart tense

Many families have a preference for the gender of their children. In most cases, they still prefer boys. This is related to China’s long-standing history and traditional concepts, especially for the elderly, who are deeply rooted in the idea of inheriting the family. Xiaoling lives in the countryside, and her husband is also a rural person. When they got married, her parents in law hoped that they would give birth to their children so that they could continue their ancestral incense. The traditional idea in the village is that having a boy is something to celebrate, and having a daughter is a loss, not a joy. When a new family with a boy is asked about the sex of a child by a neighbor, he always answers cheerfully, but the one who has a daughter groans when it comes to the sex of the child. It is precisely because of living in such an environment that Xiaoling and her husband also hope to have a boy. They have an account of the elders in the family and do not have to greet the sympathetic eyes of the neighbors. However, everything may not be satisfactory. Unfortunately, the sex of giving birth to children can not be controlled. Both husband and wife have two children, both of whom are daughters. < p > < p > the mother-in-law, who was originally very happy because of her pregnancy, always showed indescribable loss when she learned that her child was a girl. Originally, Xiaoling had no special preference for her child’s gender, but she had to give birth to a third child under the pressure of reality. Xiaoling, the third child, finally got her wish and gave birth to a boy, but she had not had time to be happy. The nurse inadvertently mentioned that all the deliveries today were male babies. < p > < p > a simple sentence makes Xiaoling feel nervous. Xiaoling suddenly realizes that having a boy is not as good as she thinks. It takes more energy to raise a boy. According to the current imbalance between men and women, it will be more difficult for children to find a partner in the future, and it is also a huge economic pressure to let children have enough external conditions. < p > < p > 1. Giving birth to a boy will make the old people around them more happy. Under the influence of the people around them, parents’ hearts will be more happy. < p > < p > secondly, under the traditional thinking, having a child can really satisfy the task of inheriting the family. However, in today’s social situation, because of the huge difference in the number of men and women, boys want to find a suitable partner, need more superior external conditions, which will cause problems to the family and children themselves. < / P > < p > 2. When a girl is born, people around her will send some discordant voices. The parents themselves love their children very much. However, due to external factors, parents may not simply enjoy the surprise brought by their children. However, girls are more intimate to their parents and will take better and more careful care of their parents when they grow up. < / P > < p > boys and girls are their own children. Nowadays, most young parents are more open-minded and can readily accept the gender of their children. What affects their parents’ thoughts is often the pressure and opinions given by the outside world. In this respect, young parents should strengthen their psychological construction, have more confidence and firm their own ideas. There is no difference between men and women. People around us should realize that others are easily affected by their own light words, so they should think carefully before judging and evaluating them. < p > < p > this is sister Lang’s parenting. You can find the most practical and meaningful parenting knowledge here. If you want to know more about parenting, please pay attention to us. If you like this article, please like it and share it with more people! Focus