All the new crowns have to go to the back row! Another terrorist virus spread quietly, and the Americans finally began to panic

The harm of West Nile virus to Americans has never stopped. Many American netizens said that it may be late in the summer, but it will certainly not be absent. Compared with this virus, the new crown may have to be in the back row. For so many years, the United States has not yet developed long-term effective drugs. Every year, hundreds or even thousands of people die of West Nile virus. Americans are full of panic. According to the world wide web, New York and California have reported the death cases of the virus a few days ago. We should know that the new crown has not yet been solved, and another terrorist virus is quietly spreading in the United States. It is impossible not to cause panic. The U.S. Department of health has recently urged residents to take safety measures. < / P > < p > the reason why West Nile virus is so lethal is that it invades the human brain. As an encephalitis virus, once infected, the risk of death is very high. Its main host is birds. As time goes on, mosquitoes and horses become its biggest source of infection. Due to the high frequency of mosquitoes in summer, people will be bitten by mosquitoes if they are not careful. Many people usually ignore it and think that mosquitoes will only itch after biting, but it is very likely that they will kill you. After years of data, it is found that the mortality rate of the elderly people infected with West Nile virus is higher. With the growth of age, their resistance is greatly reduced, which makes it difficult for them to get through this. < / P > < p > at the same time, once infected with this virus, the body will have many uncomfortable symptoms, such as fever, nausea, skin rash and so on. Since 1999, the virus has been mainly distributed in North America, so the Americans suffer a lot every summer. Due to the complexity of the virus, the medical institutions in the United States have not yet developed effective drugs to fight against the virus. < / P > < p > summer is almost over, when people forget about West Nile virus because of the new coronavirus, it appears. According to US media reports, West Nile virus deaths have occurred in New York and California. The California government said the death in the county was an elderly man, and New York State said the patient was 76 years old. Before that, there were many patients with the virus in the United States, but there was no death due to timely treatment. The two patients who died of West Nile virus this time have aroused people’s attention. In addition, there have been cases of children infected in the United States. Originally, the Americans were very upset because of the new coronavirus, but now the West Nile virus has arrived It’s just icing on the cake for them. < / P > < p > in order to reduce the spread of the virus, health workers in all areas where the virus appears have called on the people to take protective measures, not only to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, but also to ensure the health of their living environment. Because of the epidemic situation, there are many homeless people sleeping on the streets in the United States. Many streets look like a mess. This phenomenon is likely to cause West Nile virus to become another terrorist virus after the new coronavirus. If the United States government fails to take timely measures, this virus is likely to bring great harm to the United States. < / P > < p > whether it is West Nile virus or Xinguan, this is by no means the last virus that human beings are facing. In order to reduce the losses we will suffer in the future, many countries are trying their best to reduce the possibility of virus attack. At present, the new coronavirus vaccine has not been officially developed, and the West Nile virus vaccine has not been heard from for so many years. Americans have begun to panic, and they think their personal safety has been greatly threatened. It can be seen that the United States is now in a very difficult situation. It may take several years to get out of this storm. No matter how strong a country is, it will be punished if it underestimates some difficulties. 08/17/2020