Alpha fetoprotein increased, on behalf of liver health risks, 2 plants boiled water to drink, effectively raise the liver!

The liver is the largest organ of the human body, which plays the role of detoxification and metabolism, and is very important to our health. But the liver is often very fragile, drinking, smoking, staying up late and other bad habits can lead to its problems, in liver disease, a more common disease, that is cirrhosis. Liver cells gradually necrotic, the liver gradually deformed and hardened, eventually leading to cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis is a serious liver disease, and there are countless deaths due to liver cirrhosis every year. Therefore, early detection and early treatment of liver cirrhosis are very important. < p > < p > alpha fetoprotein is an important indicator for the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis. When the alpha fetoprotein index is between 20-400 μ g / L, it should be noted that cirrhosis is coming. Liver cirrhosis attacks, the body will also appear a variety of symptoms, in life, we can judge the liver problems through symptoms. Liver region pain: the liver becomes hard, which will lead to the involvement of the outer capsule of the liver, thus causing the symptoms of liver region pain, but it is more common in the late stage of liver cirrhosis. < / P > < p > 2. Emaciation and fatigue: the liver is damaged, energy storage and protein will be affected, and the liver itself is also a digestive organ, and its role in digestion and absorption of nutrients will be greatly reduced, resulting in emaciation and fatigue. Spider nevus: when the liver is damaged, the estrogen level of human body will decrease, and then cause telangiectasia, which will lead to spider nevus, which is also a common symptom of liver cirrhosis. Jaundice: with the decline of liver function, the bilirubin in the body will increase and flow into the blood, and then the symptoms of jaundice will appear, which is often seen in the yellowing of the face, skin and even white eyes. < p > < p > 5. Bleeding: the liver is the site of synthesis of coagulation factors. If damaged, it will affect the synthesis of coagulation factors, resulting in epistaxis, gingival bleeding, and slow wound healing. Pueraria lobata is a kind of food material for both medicine and food. It is also called Pueraria lobata in daily life. It contains rich nutritional components, such as flavonoids, puerarin glycosides, amino acids and so on. It can repair the liver, improve the regeneration ability of liver cells and quickly raise the liver. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is recorded that dandelion has sweet and bitter taste and cold nature. It enters the liver and stomach channels, and has the effect of clearing heat, detoxification and nourishing liver. < p > < p > the effect of nourishing the liver, reducing alpha fetoprotein and eating a certain food alone is very small. Therefore, the common ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine are combined together, with cassia seed, Lycium barbarum, tartary buckwheat, licorice and other probiotics with the same liver nourishing effect to produce gange povatin oral liquid. After meals, often to a cup, quickly raise the liver, reduce alpha fetoprotein, away from cirrhosis. < / P > < p > if you want to raise your liver, you should pay attention to your daily living habits in addition to dietary conditioning. For example, some bad behaviors harmful to the liver, such as smoking and drinking, staying up late, often angry and irritable, should be changed to avoid increasing liver damage. Diet is also very important for the liver. It is better to eat less greasy and fried food, which will increase the metabolic burden of the liver, and is not conducive to nourishing the liver. Nourishing liver is not a matter of two days a day. We should insist on it for a long time. Information sharing for epilepsy patients