Although “autumn tiger” is hot, it is already in autumn. In autumn, health preservation should be carried out in order to reduce the nourishment and the diet is slightly sour

Autumn tiger refers to the short-term hot weather after the beginning of autumn. However, China has a vast territory, and the duration of “autumn tigers” in different regions is not the same. However, no matter where you are, don’t be fooled by the autumn tiger. Although the afternoon heat is high, our country takes “beginning of autumn” as the starting point of autumn, so it is autumn now, and we should gradually start to enter the health care mode of autumn.

today is the sixth day after the beginning of autumn. In the days before and after the beginning of autumn, there was a lot of rain and the weather was cool. However, after a sunny day in East China, the temperature suddenly rose to more than 35 ° and I felt that I had not stopped sweating all day.

what a magnificent “autumn tiger”! It stands between heaven and earth with roar and silence. This tiger is the Yang of heaven and earth. The continuous cold of last winter and this spring makes Yang Qi stagnate for a long time, and the development of Yang Qi in summer cannot be contained. Perhaps it is often said that “the heavier the oppression, the stronger the resistance”. Although autumn has already begun, but there is still a strong force of Yang. A single beginning of autumn and several autumn rains can not contain Yang. Therefore, there is the “autumn tiger”.

but this “autumn tiger” will not last long. Because the rain in the first few days before and after the beginning of autumn is powerful for suppressing yang qi. According to our folk experience, as long as it rains on the first day of autumn, the days of “autumn tigers” will not be too long. If there is no rain at the beginning of autumn, the heat duration after autumn may be longer, commonly known as “24 autumn tigers”.

after all, when it comes to the beginning of autumn, the body’s Yang Qi begins to be restrained, and the pores begin to shrink. Therefore, this excessive “autumn tiger” is harmful to people. Because it is not conforming to nature, but against nature.

in the “autumn tiger” day, in order to reduce the loss of Yang Qi, outdoor activities should be reduced as much as possible, and excessive exercise should not be allowed. At this time, a lot of sweating is aiding the tyranny. We should try to stay in a cool place with air circulation. The air conditioning temperature should not be too low, and the excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is more harmful.

live in the days of autumn tigers. Be honest. Don’t celebrate the coming of autumn too soon, and don’t be deceived by its remaining power. Autumn is autumn.

autumn is cold, autumn is convergence. Autumn’s cold Su, convergence is for the collection of winter. Therefore, these days to reduce outdoor activities, do not over dissipate Yang. In summer, it has become a thing of the past to indulge in cool food and drink cold food. When the weather is hot and dry, it should be cool and moist, and when it is cold and dry, it should be warm.

don’t eat ginger in autumn. It is not suitable to use ginger, garlic and scallion to disperse. This kind of food is suitable for spring and summer, but not for autumn.