Although jujube is good, but a few kinds of women are not suitable to eat more, many sisters eat wrong

Eating three jujubes every day, youth is never old, red dates seem to have become a woman’s standard, which woman’s desk does not have a bag of jujube, which woman’s home does not have jujube, usually as a snack, put some jujube when making tea, also put jujube when making soup, because we see the effect of red jujube, but good things may not be suitable for everyone! Come and have a look. Have you eaten anything wrong?

people who have the habit of eating red dates can promote the metabolism and excretion of endotoxin in the body, increase the amount of serum protein in the human body, and regular consumption can protect the liver. Especially for people who take long-term medicine, eating more red dates can alleviate the damage of drugs to the liver to a certain extent.

jujube is rich in iron and calcium, and it is important to prevent and treat osteoporosis and anemia if you eat it often. Especially for the menopausal women or growing children, jujube is an ideal food therapy.

jujube contains some trace components, such as betulinic acid, hawthorn acid, cyclic adenosine monophosphate and so on. These ingredients can not only prevent cancer cells, but also improve the ability of human body to resist disease. Even if you suffer from diseases, eating red dates can prevent the deterioration of the disease.

women should drink more porridge and soup to make porridge together with lily, lotus seed, job’s tears and red dates, which can dispel dampness, tonify kidney, replenish qi and blood, and at the same time, it has the effect of calming nerves.

according to the above analysis, jujube can help liver detoxification, at the same time, rose also has the effect of soothing the liver and relieving depression. The two can achieve the effect of “combination of strength and strength”, and has a good regulatory effect on female breast hyperplasia and color spots caused by liver accumulation.

if eye swelling or foot swelling often occurs during menstruation, it indicates that their body is wet and heavy constitution. This kind of people should not eat jujube. The nourishing and greasy nature of jujube is easy to help dampness. If you eat it, a small amount is appropriate. This person is suitable to eat Luffa, job’s tears, yam, red beans and other food that can strengthen the spleen and remove dampness.

finally nagging: delicious food should not be too much, people who can eat jujube should eat 3-5 pieces a day. Too much jujube will cause excessive stomach acid and abdominal distension, which is the reason why too much is more than enough?