American 5-year-old boy shot and killed by black neighbors

[Global Times comprehensive report] a five-year-old white boy in North Carolina was recently shot dead by a black neighbor. The tragedy is said to have failed to attract the attention of major American media.

according to today’s Russian TV station, the boy named sinant rode his bicycle in front of his home on the 9th of local time, but was unfortunately shot by a “close range gun”. The suspect is Seymours, a 25-year-old black neighbor of the heathens. His 7-year-old second sister and eight-year-old elder sister witnessed the terrible scene of his younger brother being shot to the ground. Britain said that sisoms was taken away and detained by the police on the 10th and was charged with murder. The motive of the crime is not clear. Some neighbors said the reason was that he had “broken into the yard of cysomus” by riding a baby carriage, while others said that sisomus had just visited his father earlier in the day of the crime.

rt said that such a bizarre and chilling tragedy was rarely reported by the US media, which aroused doubts. American blogger Walsh, who has 420, 000 followers on twitter, said that American media reports follow a certain pattern, such as only reporting white to black violence and exaggerating it, and pretending not to see black people abusing white people. Some netizens said that as long as the perpetrator is black, even if black children are killed, the American media are likely to be silent.