American female medical staff were infected by patients with finger necrosis and blackening, or to remove hands from the wrist

According to the report on August 24, 41 year old rose Felipe worked at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami for more than 15 years as an EEG technician. Her condition deteriorated rapidly and was taken to hospital. The ventilator saved her life, but during that time, Felipe suffered extensive tissue and muscle damage, which resulted in necrosis and blackening of her fingers. Doctors say she may lose most of her fingers and may need to have her hands removed from her wrist. The reason why she was infected with the virus was that the safety measures taken by the hospital administrators were not in place. She said that the new coronavirus attack, the hospital’s preventive measures and protective measures started too late. In addition, “the hospital asked us to extend the duration of each mask to two weeks,” and medical staff had to purchase materials from the Internet to make masks themselves. According to the report, 5% of the 12500 employees in Jackson’s health system were positive for new coronavirus. Felipe also had to test the brain activity of many patients throughout the hospital, which increased her risk of infection. On March 9, Felipe learned that she was infected with the virus and had to be admitted to the hospital where she worked. < / P > < p > as a mother of two, Felipe also suffers from diabetes and asthma, which is likely to worsen her condition. She was first placed on a ventilator and then placed on an extracorporeal membrane oxygenator. The machine, which is usually used in patients with heart and lung problems, pumps blood out of the body and supplies oxygen to the heart and lungs to rest. < / P > < p > it was reported that she needed dialysis after her kidneys began to fail. Before intubation, Felipe asked the doctor for a piece of paper to write a farewell letter to her children. “I told my children that I hoped they would not give up.” < / P > < p > doctors believe that Felipe developed a blood clot and did not have enough blood flow to her fingers, causing them to turn black. According to reports, an operation team told her that she might need to remove her hands from her wrist. < p > < p > < p > Felipe said her motivation to keep going was to see her two sons soon. “That’s what keeps me focused and makes me want to heal, I want to be fully fit and leave here.” Felipe’s niece set up a fund-raising page for her, which had raised more than $9300 by the afternoon of August 24. Focus