American media: America’s “first grandson” dropped out of school

Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, according to the US cable day, a parent told CNN reporters that managers of three private children in three years of Washington and Ianka Trump school were worried about the couple’s public disdain for the new crown pneumonia guidelines, which led to the president Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law studying from Ianka Trump. The school picked up the child. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new example of

. The report quoted the source as saying that Kushner and Yi Wan card “several guidelines” are summarized in the parents’ manual of “new times” prevention of school pneumonia. “There is no secret about their behavior because everyone can see them,” the parent said He refers to novel coronavirus pneumonia and Kushner’s frequent exposure to television, as well as new reports of new crown pneumonia positive cases in their workplace. After receiving complaints and asking them to change their behavior, Kushner and Ivanka picked up their children, the source said.

reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia is currently limited to classroom learning, and preventive programmes are made for staff, students, parents and family members according to the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, aiming at maintaining the health and safety of schools. “< p > < p > the source said:” the behavior is really not very good. ” He pointed out that other parents also complained to the school about the couple’s blatant violation of the parent’s manual. However, two sources told CNN that it was the school that finally decided to negotiate with Kushner and Ivanka over the violation, which had nothing to do with parents’ complaints, the report said. CNN contacted a spokesman for the school, who declined to comment. 08/16/2020