American media: the average math knowledge of American parents is at the sixth grade level

According to a new study, the average American parent’s knowledge of science and mathematics is the level of a sixth grader, according to a new study. 42% of parents said they couldn’t help their children with math problems, and 35% said they didn’t understand the science courses their children were taking. < p > < p > the survey was conducted on 2000 parents of school-age children in the United States. The survey tested the parents’ knowledge of stem and their plans to help their children master the latest stem curriculum in this school year. Because of the new epidemic situation, this year’s teaching is either online class or combination of online teaching and classroom teaching. The survey found that one in five parents were not confident at all in answering the formula for calculating speed, which is a typical sixth grade math problem. Only 36% of people can confidently say how to calculate the circumference of a circle. 58% of the parents surveyed said their children had asked them for help with math problems. But it said parents may not be the best people to help their children, given their confidence in answering math and science questions in the survey, and even nearly 40% of parents don’t know what stem means. Skip to content