American twin sister married twin brother, at the same time pregnant, the child’s uncle is also second uncle!

According to the newspaper on August 15, a pair of twin sisters in the United States announced their pregnancy two years after their marriage after they married their twin brothers. It’s really a book by chance!

in 2017, identical twin sisters Brittany and Brianna Saliers met twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Saliers in a twin themed blind date.

both of them fell in love at first sight, which can be said to be divine fate. In August 2018, they held a wedding ceremony at the same time in the place where they first met. The master of ceremonies is also a pair of twins, with a full sense of ceremony.

after marriage, four people live under one roof and enjoy the intimacy. In May 2019, the sisters had a pregnancy preparation plan, and now their dream has come true.

on Friday, the two sisters announced their pregnancy at the same time. In the photo, the husband dressed as a rescuer, while the two sisters were wearing a one-piece swimsuit with the words “baby watch” written on it.

they said on social networks: “our children are not only cousins, but also brothers and sisters of the whole blood!” Netizens have offered their blessing, “as expected, twins, even pregnant heart has a rhinoceros.”.

in this regard, Chinese netizens who always pay attention to seniority have broken their hearts. “Auntie and auntie are alone.” “therefore, the child’s uncle is also his second uncle”!

there is telepathy between relatives and lovers, but it is even more obvious among twins, especially between identical twins.

as early as 1977, scientists found that the longer the cleavage time of a fertilized egg, the higher the genetic similarity between the two babies after cleavage, and the stronger the phenomenon of “heart has a rhinoceros” after growing up.

in other words, the length of time that a fertilized egg splits can, to some extent, determine the similarity of twins. This explains why some twins are like conjoined twins, while others only look alike.

according to local media reports, the two sisters are deeply in love. They always make an appointment to do the same thing, such as having a birthday, taking a driving test, etc., and they enjoy this “twin culture”.

after living together for a long time, the two people’s views on spouse selection, values, eating habits, hobbies, etc. are all converging, so it is possible to explain some telepathic things.

even though the two children are very similar, they are also independent individuals. With two children dressed the same way, they really have a good face, but we must not be forced to cultivate their personality.

even twins can choose different colors of clothes, go to different interest classes, and try not to save time and hurt one of the children.

one more thing to pay special attention to is to cultivate healthy competition between two children, rather than maliciously compare with each other, so as to explore the shining points in each child.

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