American woman is only 90cm tall. She did not listen to the doctor’s advice and gave birth to a baby bravely with her 183 boyfriend

A woman in the United States, only 91cm tall, was warned by doctors that childbirth would shatter her from the inside out, but she managed to have a beautiful little boy with her 183cm husband. Theresa Taylor, 31, from Boise, Idaho. She was born with 150 bone fractures and was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta, a poor condition caused by a gene mutation that affects collagen production, meaning that the bones are very fragile. Later, like all little girls, Theresa met and married Michael, a 31 year old truck driver. He was 183cm long. Because Theresa’s bones were so fragile that even a simple cough or sneeze could break her, doctors warned Theresa not to have children. < / P > < p > it’s unbelievable that Theresa didn’t listen to her advice. After two painful miscarriages, she finally conceived another child and delivered by caesarean section 32 weeks later. Now the baby is a healthy four-year-old. Theresa has also launched her own blog to encourage mothers who are similar to her to be brave enough to get pregnant. Trisha, who was born on August 3, 1989, weighed only 5 jin, had abnormal bending of her arms and legs, and only a few hours later, an X-ray fragment fractured the bone. Not long after that, blood tests were performed to diagnose osteogenesis imperfecta, which is characterized by bone fracture with minimal impact. Other symptoms include joint immobility, shortness, tooth deformity, joint pain and poor hearing. < / P > < p > because her bones are too fragile to support her body, Theresa has been using a wheelchair since she was two and a half years old, but she always firmly believes that osteogenesis imperfecta will not make her an alien. For Theresa, sitting in a wheelchair is no different, it is completely normal. One of the students in a small town didn’t feel wrong. No one at school thought Theresa was disabled. Perhaps it is because of her optimism and the tolerance of the people around her that Teresa was able to give birth to a child so bravely= target=_ blank>Skip to content