American women “in pregnancy”, two and a half weeks pregnant again “happy”, doctors said it is extremely rare

If pregnant women have twins or twins, then relatives and friends will certainly congratulate you in advance “good things become a pair”. Although pregnant mother is hard-working, happiness is double.

but there is such a pregnant woman in the United States. Although she is pregnant with twins, she is “in pregnancy”. The two fetuses, one big and one small, are not just physical. In terms of age, they are different in terms of implantation time and can be divided into different sizes.

in Arkansas, the United States, Julia found herself pregnant at first. Later, she went to the hospital for examination and determined that she was a “single child”. It was a happy thing to welcome the newborn.

However, just over two weeks later, when the mother-in-law did another B-ultrasound examination, she found another embryo. This is not to say that the first examination did not see clearly, but that the embryo is indeed a “latecomer”.

judging from the size of the embryo, this is what Julia got after two and a half weeks of pregnancy. In other words, the expectant mother is “happy” again when she is pregnant with a baby.

and from the time they shared a room, it was true. The two children are expected to give birth to different periods, doctors say it is extremely rare, belong to “different period of pregnancy”! The risk is also great.

according to the law, women will stop ovulation after pregnancy, and the eggs will not be discharged. Even if the sperm enters, they will not have the opportunity to combine. However, the fact is in front of us. In medicine, this belongs to “re pregnancy”.

that is to say, the time of two fertilized eggs developing into a fetus is different, and their growth rate in the mother’s womb is different, which is two weeks’ age difference!

1) the first type is pregnant at the same time. This situation is more common, that is, twins or multiple births, regardless of the number of children, are conceived at the same time point, heterozygotes and identical eggs look different, but the “source” is the same.

2) the second one is heterotopic pregnancy. The two embryos were pregnant successively, and their development was not synchronous, and each had its own due date. Although the interval may be short, they are still brothers and sisters of “two pregnancies”.

in this case, the risk coefficient of childbirth is relatively high. When the mother gives birth to the eldest child, it is difficult for the second child to “continue to settle down”, so it is easy to have one of the children born prematurely.

just imagine that if they come in different order, they may face a different life. Isn’t it unfair? In addition, pregnant women with twins themselves are prone to pregnancy complications, which is not easy.

although this situation is rare in the world, it has to be prevented. The most direct and thorough way is to put an end to the life of couples during pregnancy. Of course, for the majority of people, pregnancy or to the appropriate AA.

① avoid “the first three and the second two”. In general, it is better not to live as a husband and wife in the first two months and the last two months of pregnancy. Early pregnancy embryo is still very unstable, if it is too intense at this time, it may lead to unstable implantation.

but in the third trimester of pregnancy, especially in the last two months, the mother to be bears a heavy burden and is easy to be tired. If it is too stimulated, it will cause uterine contraction, which will lead to premature delivery.

② the roommate during pregnancy should be clean and hygienic, otherwise bacteria will be brought into the body, thus affecting the embryonic development. Moreover, husband and wife life should be controlled, how can not be as casual as before pregnancy, the father to be should not hurt his wife as the premise.

③ for those who have history of abortion and threatened abortion, the fetus is not very stable, so you can avoid it if you can. Pregnant in October, the wife is hard, but the baby is growing up. Give your lover more care. The dawn of victory is in front of you.

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