“Amino acid” facial cleanser must be good? Many people don’t find these shortcomings. Don’t ignore them

Nowadays, girls always talk about skin care. Skin care has always been the top priority in our daily life. Generally speaking, whether a woman is delicate or not can be seen from her skin condition and skin care habits, so now most girls will take skin care as their focus of life. And want to have a clean and transparent good skin, facial cleaning is the first step we need to attach great importance to.

when it comes to facial cleaning products, the first reaction of most girls is “amino acid” facial cleanser. Because amino acid facial cleanser is the most mild one among all facial cleansers, and it is suitable for a wide range of people. Girls with sensitive muscles can also use it at ease. Therefore, many girls will choose amino acid facial cleanser when they buy clean products.

so, is “amino acid” facial cleanser good? In fact, many people have not found these shortcomings of amino acid facial cleanser, so please don’t care!

I have to admit that amino acid cleanser is really friendly for girls with sensitive skin. But for oily girls, it is possible to wash your face with amino acid cleanser, which is not clean and thorough.

therefore, mianmianmian is not very recommended to choose amino acid facial cleanser for girls with oily skin. If your skin is oily and easy to get dirty, soap based facial cleanser will be more suitable for you.

the second drawback we want to talk about is that there are too many fake amino acid cleansers. Because in recent years, most of the netizens on the Internet are in Amway amino acid facial cleanser, so the “wind” of amino acid facial cleanser is still very strong. There are many businesses in order to make profits, will choose not amino acid cleanser products hard to say amino acids.

what’s more, they even forge amino acids. Most girls who don’t know the ingredients will step on thunder and buy fake ones. If you want to judge whether a facial cleanser is a fake, it’s useless to just look at the customer’s evaluation and praise. After all, this can be done. Mianmian suggests that we should focus on “brand” when starting products.

cleansing cream is cleansing cream. When you use cleansing cream to clean your face, you usually need to squeeze the face cream onto your hands and rub it to the face. This can reduce the irritation of the facial cleanser to a large extent.

the answer to this question is yes, provided that you choose the right product. If you don’t know how to choose products, mianmianmian recommends you try the amino acid Cherry Blossom facial cleanser. ↓

this facial cleanser made by shijiantang is different from amino acid cleanser on the market. It adds triple amino acid ratio, which not only makes the ingredients more mild, but also has stronger cleaning power.

when a girl uses it to wash her face, she will also feel that her face has been cleaned. There is no need to worry about the degree of cleaning.

in addition, this facial cleanser also adds six skin nourishing ingredients, which can help you to deeply clean your face and maintain your skin, killing two birds with one stone.

if you keep using it, you will find that the more delicate your skin is, the better it will be. Not only that, this facial cleanser also achieves the ultimate safety of “seven no additives”, whether you are sensitive muscles, pregnant women, children, can use.

I have to say that this “immortal” facial cleanser, which is suitable for all skin types, is the first choice for girls’ facial cleanser. You can try it. I believe it will surprise you.

everyone praises Amway’s “amino acid” facial cleanser is not necessarily good, and many of its shortcomings can not be ignored. However, amino acid facial cleanser has achieved “make-up removal + deep cleaning + skin nourishing” at the same time. This can let the skin wash better and better products, really worth everyone to start, love beauty sisters, remember not to miss Oh! 08/17/2020