An American dog died of the new coronavirus! Lao Mei is worried: how can we prevent this?

For the first time in the United States, pet dogs infected with the new coronavirus, and then died! If a large area of pets infected, spread the virus, will make the fight against the epidemic become more difficult!

the North Carolina Department of health and human services issued a statement saying the state’s first dog was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. On August 3, an owner took their pet to North Carolina State Veterinary Hospital. The dog suffered from respiratory distress and eventually died of new crown disease, the press release said.

the owner of the dog told the hospital that a family member had previously tested positive for the new coronavirus. The agency said it tested the dog for the new coronavirus and found it positive.

“at present, there is no evidence that dogs will transmit the virus to other animals, so there is no reason to take measures against animals in contact.” Dr. markes, national veterinarian of the United States, said. Authorities have conducted an autopsy of the dog and the state is investigating other causes of its death. The state did not provide any other information about the dog or its owners.

but if pet dogs can transmit the new coronavirus, it will bring great difficulties to the United States in fighting the epidemic. The Veterinary Association said the number of consultations on how to prevent dogs from contacting or spreading the virus has soared, and pet owners have expressed great concern.

at a news conference on Wednesday, President trump still ignored the actual situation of the epidemic, claiming that the epidemic situation in the United States is far better than that in Europe. “As we continue novel coronavirus, we are rebuilding our economy,” he said. No one thinks it’s feasible. We have done very well. The US stock market is up more than 300 points today. Our economy is doing much better than Europe, in fact, better than anywhere else in the world. ”

trump frequently used the current U.S. economy to compare the U.S. economy, which nearly collapsed at the first peak of the epidemic in April, to prove the statement of “substantial economic improvement”.

trump said that “the mortality rate in European countries is 40% higher than that in the United States, which is a large number. We are working with European countries to solve these difficulties. America will help them along the way. The United States has done a good job in vaccines and treatments. The United States has the most powerful economy in the world, and since March, its economy has risen by $9 trillion. ”

President trump also boasted that the federal government would provide as many as 125 million non-medical masks to school districts across the United States, but he did not mention the scandal that the federal government had intercepted a large number of masks. “Today, I am pleased to announce that we will provide up to 125 million reusable masks for school districts across the country,” trump said. “My government is also ready to deploy CDC CDC teams to support schools that are reopening, as well as schools that need help in health and safety, and reopen.” According to Johns Hopkins University, novel coronavirus infection is more than 20 million 180 thousand worldwide, and the death toll exceeds 730 thousand at 7 p.m. in August 11th. According to the data of Johns Hopkins University,

the top three countries with the largest number of cases in the world are the United States, Brazil and India. The top three countries with the highest number of deaths were the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

New Zealand broke the state of no local infection for 102 consecutive days due to the discovery of four new cases of local infection on Tuesday. The New Zealand government announced that it would resume a series of blockade restrictions.

Russian President Putin novel coronavirus vaccine developed by Moscow’s Maria Institute has been registered in the Russian state television interview on Tuesday. But the vaccine, which has not been tested for a long time in clinical practice, has been questioned by many experts.