An oncologist’s confession: in the eyes of some doctors, cancer patients are “Tang Seng meat”

Cancer, is the existence of countless people fear, for cancer patients, the high cost can crush them, the horror of cancer is to let them panic all day long. It’s very important to meet a good doctor, but I’m afraid we’ll meet a bad doctor, or the patient doesn’t trust a good doctor. < / P > < p > after graduation, I became a doctor in the oncology department of a hospital. The next day after I went to work, I visited an old man with advanced liver cancer. It can be clearly seen from the video that the cancer cells of the elderly have been transferred all over the body, and the treatment is not of great use and there is no need to spend money in vain. Therefore, I suggested that the children of the elderly give up treatment. The child was very sad at that time, but he took the old man away. A week later, I found that the old man was admitted to the hospital. The head nurse told me that the old man was not willing to go home and “wait for death”, so he sold his house for 300000 yuan and hung up an expert number for treatment, and was immediately admitted to hospital. The old man still said in the ward that my medical ethics was not good, he had no ability to treat his disease, so he went home to wait for death! < / P > < p > another time, another hospital transferred a 70 year old man with lung cancer after surgery. He was early lung cancer and could survive for a long time without chemotherapy. However, after I told him that conservative treatment could be carried out, he questioned me: “chemotherapy and radiotherapy after cancer surgery is a routine treatment. If I listen to your conservative treatment, you will be responsible for my cancer recurrence?” < p > < p > in fact, chemotherapy has a lot of side effects. For the elderly and frail cancer patients over 60 years old, the side effects of chemotherapy are even more fatal. After 4 months of chemotherapy, the old man’s body immunity dropped rapidly, lung cancer recurred and brain metastases occurred. At the strong request of his family, the director made gamma knife surgery for the old man, and as a result, a larger range of cancer cell metastasis still appeared after the operation. One year before the year-end bonus was issued, the director held a meeting with us: “our hospital implements performance appraisal. The bonus of the Department is the income minus the cost multiplied by the percentage of the Commission.” “I don’t need any more explanation? You use a few yuan of cheap medicine, that’s your freedom, but you can’t take yourself as a Bodhisattva and let everyone drink with you. ” < p > < p > a few days later, a retired cadre with prostate cancer metastasis to the abdominal cavity came in. Having learned the previous lesson, I tentatively went to his wife: “I suggest using relatively better drugs, because this can improve the quality of life of patients…” His wife kept nodding: “whatever medicine is good, you can use it. I’m willing to spend money on our family’s old Zhang!” So for the first time, I let go of everything that was expensive. After living for two months and spending 400000 yuan, the old man still died. I feel very guilty. I feel that the patient has become “Tang Monk meat”. But after finishing the work, the family members sent me a banner, saying that I treat the patient as a family member and strive to improve the quality of life of patients with advanced cancer < p > < p > the National Cancer Center has investigated 14594 cancer patients from 37 tertiary hospitals in 13 provinces and cities, including common cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and gastric cancer. The survey results show that the average expenditure of each cancer patient is 66832 yuan, and the out of pocket expenditure of each newly diagnosed cancer patient is 33948 yuan, accounting for 57.5% of family income on average. < / P > < p > taking lung cancer patients as an example, the cost of surgical treatment varies from 30000 to 80000, with an average of 50000, depending on the region, level and operation mode of the hospital. In addition, there are various expenses such as bed cost, nursing fee, treatment fee and examination fee. Suffering from cancer, the financial burden on a family is undoubtedly huge. < / P > < p > at present, many anti-cancer drugs and cancer treatment have been included in the scope of medical insurance. At present, the latest PD-1 drugs have also been included in the scope of medical insurance reimbursement. If you have cancer, you can consult the medical insurance bureau to see whether your situation is in line with the medical insurance reimbursement. < / P > < p > if the medical insurance can not be reimbursed, there is still a way out, which is crowdfunding. Many people should have seen similar crowdfunding news in the circle of friends. If it can attract the attention of caring people and the media, it is still possible to raise a life-saving money in a short time, which is a possible choice when there is no way out. < p > < p > all new drugs or new therapies to be put on the market must go through clinical trials, including new drugs and new therapies that have been marketed abroad and have been verified. Patients who choose this method can receive new therapies that are not listed on the market, and may obtain curative effects such as prolonging survival. Even if they are assigned to the standard therapy group, they can also accept the existing therapies. < / P > < p > in addition to hospitalization expenses and some consumables, expensive cancer drugs are often provided free of charge, and all examinations are free. However, as a new drug and new therapy, there are certain risks, so we should be well prepared. Clinical trials are initiated by front-line experts. Patients will be closely watched and monitored. If there are adverse reactions, they will be intervened and regulated in time. < / P > < p > for doctors, most doctors are benevolent and give their best for patients. In the treatment of patients, do not treat patients as parts, but as a whole, a person to look at! Tang Xuanzang meat: make complaints about cancer patients: [

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