An Yixuan exposes the reason for having a second child: worrying about his son’s absence in the future

On October 29, according to Taiwan media, an Yixuan [microblog] official was asked why she wanted to have a child a year after she got married. She generously explained the reason. According to an Yixuan, her husband wanted her to have a second child so quickly. Because she was not young, she was afraid that her eldest son, 66, would feel lonely. Therefore, after her husband talked at night, she asked her to have a companion 66. “Mr. Chen, I’ll tell you! It’s true that they can’t be put back. You should take good care of them. In addition, an Yixuan also talked about the origin of her daughter’s name. According to its disclosure, when she was born, she looked like a doll, so everyone called her “doll”, and then an Yixuan called her daughter “baby of doll”. Your name will always exist on the Internet