An Yixuan pregnant belly according to fire, netizen: why star pregnant only fat belly? The doctor gave an explanation

Love beauty is every woman’s nature, postpartum obesity is every woman’s “nightmare”, optimistic people can live as happy as rufeifene, serious will lead to postpartum depression. So, on October 12,

, an Yixuan, a famous woman, sun out her “pregnant belly picture” of her second baby on the social platform. As soon as the photo was exposed, it triggered a heated discussion among netizens:

the first group of pregnant belly pictures: inheriting the “youthful and beautiful” style of the goddess in the past, the broad leather boots set off the slender legs, the arms were almost as thick as her son’s legs, and the whole body had only belly The child bulges.

the second group of pregnant belly photos: this black dress is more slim, especially the 8cm hattening height. Just look at the legs, it doesn’t look like a second mother in the third trimester.

the third group of pregnant belly photos: a playful black hat with a wide white suit coat, a leaky arm is thinner than a girl who is not pregnant.

the fourth group of pregnant belly photos: a set of fans, a set of white skirt, if there is no pregnant belly, it is like a magazine cover, even the thigh does not have a little extra fat.

after watching an Yixuan, many Baoma think it’s excessive “P-map”, but Baoma who has taken pregnant belly photos should know that no matter how good the art work is, it’s just to modify the skin state. To achieve this effect, you have to be very thin.

some Baoma think that the reason why female stars only have fat stomachs after pregnancy is that they pay professionals to recuperate them. Ordinary people can’t afford to spend, so they can only get fatter and fatter.

for why women don’t gain weight during pregnancy, doctors give a scientific explanation. The best postpartum repair is the scientific control of prenatal care, not the cost. Female star career special will strictly manage their own body, pregnancy does not grow meat, also known as “long fetus does not grow meat.”.

“keep your mouth shut” has become the first step of weight control, but you can’t delay the nutrition needed by fetal development while controlling your appetite. How should you eat?

according to the scientific nutrition during pregnancy, this book matches the diet for expectant mothers every day, hoping to help Baoma control her weight.

it is suggested that pregnant mothers should not always lie in bed after pregnancy. Proper exercise can not only promote fetal metabolism, but also maintain body shape, such as yoga, swimming and walking during pregnancy.

as mentioned at the beginning of the article, American woman rufeifeinei’s natural obesity during pregnancy is hard to avoid, but the proportion will be very small. If you are unfortunate with this kind of constitution, it is recommended to choose a reasonable second child, and actively participate in the weight-loss program after childbirth. Pets