An Yixuan sun second pregnancy photos, comments area to see belly shape guess men and women, netizens: all eyes like B ultrasound

Yesterday, an Yixuan sent a group of pregnant women’s photos of her second child. She has her own separate pregnant photos, and also interactive pregnant photos with her husband and son. Although she is in the third trimester of pregnancy, in addition to her big stomach, she has slim limbs and keeps a good figure. The interactive photos are also very good. It seems that the whole family is very happy.

because this group of pregnant photos is so beautiful, the comment area is very busy, and netizens have left messages for blessing. Many fans hope that her second child can have a little princess and make a good word.

Jingma noticed that on the second floor of the comment area is “extremely lively”, and fans are guessing whether they are pregnant with a boy or a girl according to an Yixuan’s “belly shape” and “navel”:

crystal: the belly is sharp, long forward, not fat waist, it should be a son. Xiao baby: she said it’s sealed. I feel like a daughter. If it’s a boy, he may want to have another girl. Weichen: it should be a daughter. It’s a pan. Interstellar debris: navel valgus should be a boy. Fan Xiaohua: the one in front looks like a son, but the one wearing jeans suspenders looks like a daughter. Don’t listen to don’t want to hear words: I pregnant son belly is pan, navel is not prominent, pregnant daughter belly is very sharp, navel prominent. Let time go in a hurry: no good, when I was pregnant, many people said that I was big and round. I was a daughter, but I turned out to be a son. At the same time, there was a woman with a sharp stomach, who was said to be a son. She went to secretly check that she was also a son. As a result, she was born a daughter.

in hundreds of comments, many people bet on their sons because their stomachs are sharp and forward. If they are pregnant with a girl, their stomachs should be flat and their waists will be fat. However, many mothers have proved that this view is not correct by their own experience, and some netizens have said that “all the comments look like B ultrasound”.

it’s true that there are a lot of old people saying “whether it’s a boy or a girl to be pregnant”, such as the previous netizens saying “look at the belly shape and navel of pregnant women”. But is this really reasonable? Next, let’s analyze it.

many pregnant mothers do say that “a sharp belly gives birth to a boy” or “a round belly gives birth to a girl”, but this is not true. Why not?

in fact, there are only two types of pregnant women’s stomach, each of which has a 50% probability. That is to say, this kind of saying has a general success rate, but in fact, the probability is quite high.

after pregnancy, the shape of a pregnant woman’s stomach is related to her body shape, pelvic width, fetal position, placental position, etc.

for example, a pregnant woman with normal fetal position is born with her head first. In this fetal position, her back will be close to her mother’s belly, curl up and head down. The pregnant mother’s belly looks round.

but if the baby’s back is to his mother and his face is out, the flexing side of his body will not be close to his mother’s belly, which may look sharp.

in addition, before the fetus enters the basin, the pregnant mother’s stomach is relatively close to the top, which looks round like a big watermelon. After entering the basin, the stomach moves down, which is not so round and looks like a grapefruit shape.

as netizens argue, in addition to judging boys and girls by the shape of pregnant women’s belly, there are many old people who judge whether they are pregnant with boys and girls according to whether the pregnant women’s navel is protruding or concave.

this is because in the third trimester of pregnancy, the belly becomes bigger and bigger, and the abdominal pressure will gradually increase. When it reaches a certain extent, the pregnant mother’s navel will be squeezed out. So, it has nothing to do with the boys and girls who are pregnant.

besides looking at the shape of the belly and the state of the navel, we also look at the shape of the gestational sac, the fetal heart rate, the skin changes of pregnant women, the mental state changes of pregnant women, the taste changes of pregnant women, and so on. It’s not reliable to see whether it’s a boy or a girl. Just listen to them, and don’t take them seriously.

do you think an Yixuan is pregnant with a boy or a girl? Is your stomach round or sharp during pregnancy? Do you have any friends or relatives to help you guess whether you are pregnant with a boy or a girl? Let’s leave a message to share.

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